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An Occurance at Owl Creek Story

Ambrose Bierce was born on June 24, 1842 in Miegs County, Ohio, where he was the tenth child out of thirteen children. Bierce moved out at the age of 15 to become a newspaper apprentice where he started his journalism career and later joined the military during the Civil War. Ambrose Bierce fought in the […]

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Owl Creek Bridge Overview

The story begins with clear thoughts about a man goes by the name Peyton Farquhar who stood on a railroad bridge in Northern Alabama, looking down into a swift of water twenty feet down below. The man hand was behind his back, the wrist bound with a cord. A rope loose encircle his neck. It […]

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Owl Creek Bridge Alternate Ending

He had come to the surface facing down the stream; in a moment the visible world seemed to wheel slowly round, himself the pivotal point, and he saw the railroad bridge, the fort, the soldiers upon the bridge, the captain, the Sargent, the two privates, his executioners. They were in silhouette against the blue sky. […]

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“Owl Creek Bridge”: Character Analysis

Within the short story, the themes are developed especially with the concept of “giving it lightly”. As Peyton is introduced into the story the reader can visualize the surroundings and realize that this is not a good situation for him at all. It emphasizes the theme of a person’s actions resulting in their consequences. During […]

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