Essays on Odyssey

Essay on The Odyssey

For the people who have read the story, The Odyssey, considers the protagonist of the story, Odysseus, a hero. Throughout the story, Odysseus makes advantageous decisions to himself alone. For example, he is the man who protected the Greeks in the Trojan Wars and helped them win the terrible war. The parallels between the story Odyssey and Harry Potter are so remarkable that the two heroes have the same moving moment.

Odysseus is the son of Laertes and ruler of Ithaca. Odysseus was called into the Trojans War, a war that continued for ten years. The Odysseus is the story of the journey of Odysseus. In the way, a goddess named Athena took a particular interest in Odysseus and helped him through his journey. Through his quest, he encounters monsters and mythical creatures.

Of course, in the story, Harry Potter does not have the same journey, however, it is a hero journey. Harry’s parents were murdered when he was a little baby. Which resulted in him growing up as an orphan and is removed from the wizarding world and that world in which he belonged for ten years. The Harry Potter series chronicles Harry’s trials while he grows up to become a wizard, not he is a wizard but he is the ‘chosen one.” During Harry’s adventure, he confronts his arch-nemesis, Lord Voldemort, whom he faces multiple times.

The mystical Albus Dumbledore, the headmaster of the wizarding school Hogwarts, took a special interest in Harry in the first book. Also, Sybill Trelawney, Head of the Divination Workshop at Hogwarts, too takes an interest in Harry.

During Odysseus’ epic hero cycle, he is displayed as strong, handsome, and also loved by his people. As told in the story, He is a king, the highest position in the society, but he is tested and tested over again by unfortunate and various obstacles while achieving his cycle of an epic hero. Throughout the story, there are many encounters with multiple gods and goddesses like Circe, Athena, and Poseidon. Numerous times, Odysseus is seen giving up when he settled for seven long, sorrowful years on the island of Calypso’s. However, after 20 years away from his home in Ithaca, he makes his victorious return, or resurrection, and gains restoration when he reveals himself as Odysseus, king of Ithaca. Like Odysseus, Harry has a very important position in society. In every book, Harry must meet an expository challenge to prove himself. Of course, there are no presences of gods and goddesses in Harry Potter however, Albus Dumbledore can be seen as a Godlike figure by having a great reputation and mystical and heavenly qualities about him. Moreover, the character Voldemort is very similar to Poseidon. Both have power, rage, and anger built inside them. Odysseus and Harry both meet remarkable challenges and fight innumerable battles with their enemies like mythical creatures. They are both confident, intelligent, and continue to strive for their battles.

However, there are differences between the two characters. Odysseus is an adult who is born with greatness. Harry Potter is a child when we first meet him and he is not born with greatness. Odysseus can be portrayed as a ruthless person. He kills every suitor without having a second thought. Unlike Odysseus, Harry does not kill, despite the anger that builds inside of him. He always has a bit of humanity in his heart. Both characters have different goals while achieving their epic hero cycle.

The resemblance of the two characters’ hero’s journey is staggering. They both follow the epic hero cycle. They both have a significant mentor who guides them through their journey. However, their goal of achievement is different and the situation too. But Odysseus and Harry Potter both continue to battle through their paths. 

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