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Great Expectations Novel/Film Comparison

In 1946, David Lean made a movie of Charles Dickens’ novel Great Expectations. Both the book and the film are set in England and recount the tale of a youthful apprentice by the name Pip. In the two forms, a secretive and anonymous supporter gives Pip cash so he can turn into a courteous fellow […]

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The Novel Great Expectations

The novel Great Expectations (1861) by Charles Dickens is set in the early 19th century in Kent and London during a period concerned with societal rank and status. The novel is a Bildungsroman that depicts the individual growth and development of orphaned Pip who is both the narrator and protagonist in the story. The novel’s […]

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In Dickens’s Novel

One of the most important and common tools that authors use to demonstrate the themes of their stories is a character that undergoes several major changes throughout the story. In Great Expectations, Charles Dickens introduces the reader to many compelling and distinguished characters, including the peculiar recluse, Miss Havisham, the shrewd and careful lawyer, Mr. […]

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Dickens Uses a Character

We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community… Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own (Cesar Chavez). According to Chavez ambitions can’t be narrow to the point where once we achieve what we set […]

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A Mother’s Unconditional Love

A mother’s unconditional love for her child is unlike any other human bond. Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations follows the story of a young boy named Pip as he grows into a man and his quest for the maternal love he was denied as a child. Orphaned at a young age, Pip is forced to grow […]

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Miss Havisham’s House

A person’s position in the social class hierarchy often has far-reaching effects on their health, family life, education and even on how they view themselves. In Great Expectations, Pip feels those effects to the fullest. Throughout the novel, he is being constantly reminded of how his low social status marks him as incompetent to those […]

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Pip’s Character in Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations

You may not realize this, but most people judge you on the materialistic things you have behind your back, it is not new, it has been going on for years. A prime example of this is the Victorian society. During this era, people praised you, accepted you, and treated you differently based on your image […]

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The Primary Victims in Stage Two

The primary victims in Stage Two of Great Expectations is Pip, Mrs. Havisham, Joe, and Estella. A victim’s is a person that is duped, taken advantage of, or hurt. Many of the characters in Great Expectations were victim’s. These character have been hurt an abundance of many times, But due to how these characters deal […]

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Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations

In Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations, he presents the two main characters Biddy and Mrs. Joe. Dickens uses both of them to emphasize Pip’s difficult upbringing and his mistakes. He portrays the social movement of feminism through the work of his literature and finding suggestions of misogyny and exposing them. For example, women back then were […]

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Great Expectations: a Synopsis

“The worst prisons are those we create for ourselves. ” To what extent do you agree? Set in the l9th Century Victorian England, many of the main characters in Great Expectations’ are imprisoned either virtually or metaphorically. Magwich is an actual prisoner of the English penal system, and is also a prisoner of his own […]

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