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What Does “The Lottery” Symbolize?

All our lives, we’ve been told stories of far off places and princesses. Stories of heartbreak and superheroes saving cities. Many of these stories have been written to teach us important lessons and morals that many carry with them throughout their whole life. The Lottery, set in a small, isolated town, tells a story where […]

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The Side Effects of Casual Indifference A Critical Analysis of Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery

The Lottery In her short story, The Lottery, Shirley Jackson demonstrates the hypocrisy of a person through the development of the character of Tessie Hutchinson. The publication of The Lottery in The New Yorker on June 26, 1948 resulted in many cancelled subscriptions due to its gruesome plot (Franklin par. 1). The short story follows […]

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A Literary Analysis of “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson

The main idea of this story was the lottery, how they decided on who got chosen and what would happen to that person. From this paper I am expecting to fully understand the short story and why the things happened for. I will be researching different websites over the story and stating the reasons on […]

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The Lottery: Fictional Story About a Very Peculiar Village

The villagers have a lottery yearly in which one individual in the village is chosen to be stoned by the rest of the town including friends, family, and foe. Jackson portrays the lottery as a welcomed practice. Jackson uses a black box, Old Man Warner, and Tessie Hutchinson as a symbolic reference to blind humans […]

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The Setting in “The Lottery”

The 77th Annual Sacrifice When you think of striking gold in the lottery, you dream that you get lucky and win a tremendous amount of cash! However, The Lottery written by Shirley Jackson (Jackson) surprises the audience with a reverse effect because if you win; the rest of the village will stone you to death. […]

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A Character Analysis of Old Man Warner in Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery”

The personality of Old Man Warner is constructed over the community’s unwillingness to abandon traditions at all costs. Shirley Jackson portrays Old Man Warner as an individual who has traditions instilled in him to a fault. Throughout the story, Old Man Warner is constantly at odds with the younger community members who start questioning the […]

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The Lottery: Summary

People of a small town come together in the square for the lottery. In other places, the lottery takes a long time, but there are approximately 300 people populated in this town, so the lottery takes only a few hours. Children, who have finished schooling for the summer, go to collect stones. They put the […]

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The Lottery Analysis

Human beings are ruled by traditions and rituals. People tend to follow the same pattern of doing their everyday things, it is a ritual. Every culture has rituals that are followed blindly, it is so ingrained in tradition that people don’t question them. The Lottery, by Shirley Jackson is a story of how the people […]

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The Lottery Themes

Shirley Jackson, the author of The Lottery, insinuated many methods and mechanisms of writing into her story to build suspense. Two of those methods were setting and imagery. Jackson set the story during the summer and described the sky as bright and clear. The children were playing, and the adults were chatting. The author also […]

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The Lottery: Plot Overview

In the short story, by Shirley Jackson, The Lottery, is about a small town that gathers everyone together each year for a big drawing. The drawing consists of a list, the head of families and heads of households that were usually the husbands, and if they are not present, the next in line, is the […]

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“The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson

The author used third person point of view for this story. She described an un-named village that held a lottery every year. Whoever was picked from the black wooden box, was stoned to death. The position the author had, knew the outcome of the story. Therefore, she did not use perceptive on any of the […]

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The Lottery: Themes and Motifs

Motif is a recurring concept that has significance in literature. In The Lottery, there are two key motifs that support the concept of how dangerous it is to blindly follow tradition. The first motif, family, is significant to the lottery because it later emphasizes the killing’s cruelty since family members turn against each other so […]

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