Oedipus and Lysistrata

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Oedipus and Lysistrata are fantastic playwrights. For instance, Oedipus is one of the characters who seem to portray the traditional Greece. On the other hand, Lysistrata is used to present the modern ways of life. Consequently, both plays Oedipus and Lysistrata have a significant role to beliefs and civilization of the early Greece. Moreover, both plays have significant roles since they take the duty of their actions. In both plays a vital role in feminism. Oedipus and Lysistrata play major roles in the contemporary ways of life such as religion and feminism. The purpose of this paper is to explore the similarities and differences between Oedipus and Lysistrata and in which the plays fit in the Greek comedy.

First, many similarities have been developed in the two plays. Both plays exemplify their necessity on the domestic issues that do not entail the outside life. In Oedipus and Lysistrata, plays a significant role in the religion matters. Both plays argue that the only way to eliminate a plague is through consultation of the higher power or those in authority. Therefore, the plays seem to have a great impact in making their decisions. For instance, in Lysistrata Zeus is portrayed as their highest god (Aristophanes and Sarah, 41). On the other hand, Oedipus has a great honor to shrines. He says, `` I followed up the one thing I could find acted on it. So I have sent away brother-in-law, son of Menoeceus, Creon, to Pythian Apollo’s shrine, to learn from him what I might do or say to save our city” (Sophocles and Ian, 9).In this play, shrines are used by the human nature to seek help. Thus, both plays have displays the same spiritual tentacles that are used to make up their decisions in the life experiences.

Additionally, the plays have fiction playwrights. It is not easy for a reader to comprehend this aspect at the beginning of plays but after in-depth analysis, the facts come out clearly. Similarly, both plays have a great role to beliefs and civilization of the early Greece. Also, there are noticeable similarities such as examination of taking obligations alongside their actions. Moreover, both plays bring out feminism in the ancient Greek culture. For instance, Lysistrata is a play that discusses various situations of war between Athenians as well as its allies (Bolt et al…, 53-54).The other group includes Peloponnesian League who had selected Sparta as their leader which tried to resolve the problem that had arisen on women for denying their husband's conjugal rights.

In the Greek setting, the central theme that is developed by the ancient authors is the development of tragedies. In the play, Jocasta is associated with the prophecy that was given to Laius before the birth of Oedipus. The Oracle informed him that it was essential for him to die as a victim in his son’s hands. Afterward, Oedipus comes out and discloses the prophecy which made him abandon Corinth. He says, “that I was fated to lie with my mother, and show to daylight an accursed breed which men would not endure, and I was doomed to be the murderer of the father that begot me” (Edmunds and Alan, 82).Similarly, in Lysistrata, many people worshiped Hecate who was portrayed as the goddess of the children.

Nevertheless, both novels have differences that come out clearly. Oedipus play is used to develop the traditional culture of the Greece people (Edmunds and Alan, 25-26). On the other hand, Lysistrata is used to present the modern ways of life. Moreover, the beginning of the Oedipus is developed by the utilization of a plague, and on the other hand, Lysistrata opens up the story with comedy. The drama that is portrayed in Lysistrata play, it is satirically presented.

According to my argument, the modern audience can be received warmly by the modern audience. Most of the Christianity ways of life and those of the ancient Greek are common. The Greek religion had beliefs as well as rituals that were practiced in the different ways. Both Oedipus Rex and Lysistrata had a universal god, Zeus who had the ability to end plagues and misfortunes to human beings (Sophocles and Ian, 14). On the other hand, most of the modern Christians identify themselves with God who is the most powerful. Moreover, I argue that most of the Christian audience will receive the pays warmly since they have common practices. For instance, of the ceremonies and rituals in the ancient Greek were carried out in alters as compared to the Christians in the current world.

As the points discussed above suggest, both novels Oedipus and Lysistrata have significant similarities from their setting. They place of origin or setting was the same since they were composed in Greece. The plays were authored in the century and time. They portray the same idea of stereotyping the nature with sexual orientation. Moreover, the novels are used to give a detailed description of the ancient Greeks and the contemporary way of life as portrayed in the Lysistrata.

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