Fate is Predetermined Beyond Human Control

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What is fate? Fate is predetermined beyond human control. It’s a supernatural force that we do not know how it exist. Fate is all the predetermined outcomes that we have in our lives. It is what controls our destiny in life will be. It is something beyond human control but plays a constant role in our everyday life. Many people accept fate, but they do not question it. I do not entirely agree. I believe that fate controls the major aspects in my life, but I don’t believe it controls the small choices I make in my life that fate uses to determine what my life will be.

I do entirely agree that people’s fate should be controlled. In the play, Oedipus the King by Sophocles, an oracle tells a prophecy to the King and Queen of Thebes, they will have a son, but he will kill his father and marry his mother. The King and Queen send their son to a mountain to die but the servant gave him to a Shepard. When he came to age to know the prophecy he ran away and try to change his fate, but ultimately, he fulfilled the prophecy (1017). I do believe in fate because I was told by my cousin that my grandfather was going to die but he was going to die on his bed surrounded by his family and then give out with a smile when we start to pray for him to get better. I did not believe her but when five years pass and I saw him surrounded by family and everyone started to close their eyes for prayer, I saw him die with a smile.

However, fate does not control the small events you do or will cause. In Oedipus the King, Oedipus say “But my two girls” (line 1528), in the prophecy he was to kill his father and marry his mother. However, he did more than just marry her, he had two girls with his mother. That is a small piece that fate does not control every act we take and do. That is way I do not believe in fate. Two years ago, I was planning on going to Puerto Rico for a month to see my family, but before I told my best friend that, he told me I am going to Puerto Rico and I will be in the graveyard which my grandpa was buried and I will be crying. When I got to Puerto Rico, I found out my grandpa was not buried there he was buried in New York. That was proof to me that fate does not control everything in my life or control the small things in my life.

Fate is an unsolved mystery that humans are constantly puzzled with. Most people have come to terms with not being able to understand its mystery. I do not believe that fate controls every aspect of my life. I believe that it only controls the main aspects of my life. We should have the control of what happens in our lives. Why should something that is unknown to us have any control of what happens to us. Our own free will should be what guides us to our choices and helps us to make our own decision. We should not have our lives already mapped out for us, we should map our own lives.

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