Oedipus the King: Self-discovery and Free Will

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In Oedipus the King the central idea of this story is self-discovery and free will. This essay will identify a central idea of Oedipus the king and will identify information text about everyone is guilty. And this essay will use specific details to explain how this central idea develops over the course of each text, and will compare how the authors contribute to the development of this idea. In oedipus it says “ count no-man happy till he dies.” This lead Oedipus to his downfall and his end. The characters have free will to do almost anything. For an example as Sophocles had placed oedipus in an ugly type of situation and Sophocles fate is in Oedipus hands and he has the free will to avoid any punishment that come against him. In Walter Mosley on America’s Obsession with Crime It starts off as “ Everyone is guilty of something” that sentence is something nobody can deny. The author talks about how we are guilty of things like religion, national origin, skin color, sexual preference, gender, and, now and then, of the blood in our veins. Which are things we don’t think we will be guilty of but we people really are. In the text it says “Because of this vulnerability we have questions that need to be answered to ensure our safety. One such question is, what would happen if …? What if you saw a man shoot somebody? Should you tell the police?” This author gives multiple examples of things we are guilty of but don’t think we are guilty of. These two texts are very different because you have a story trying to find out whos guilty of what? And you have an article about the things everybody is guilty of. The Two text relate to religion. Being guilty in religion means that you probably sinned against a rule. In Oedipus the king self discovery covers most of the story because no one is going to “snitch” or tell you information. You will need to find out on your own time. Also in Oedipus who need to always watch your surroundings and think before you speak because someone can turn around and kill/betrayed you. Last week they can be your friend the next week it can be your murderer. The author in everyone is guilty supports his claim of everyone being guilty of something by relating a situation in real life, which he talks about the news reporters have something to say everyday which supports his claim.

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“Oedipus the King: Self-discovery and Free Will”

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This essay has identified the central idea of both text and has supported its response. Also explained how the author contribute to the development of this date.    

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