Sophocles Play Oedipus Rex

Sophocles was a very clever man when it came to tragedies. in Oedipus Rex he created a strong intelligent hero. However just like in most tragedies his pride leads to his unfortunate downfall. Oedipus Rex is one of his most famous plays which teaches lessons and religious views. The three major themes of this play were fate over free will, self-discovery, and his tragic flaw pride.

Self-Discovery is one of the main themes in Sophocles play Oedipus Rex. With many works of literature self-discovery leads to nothing but pain and sadness. During his younger life Oedipus had an encounter with a drunkard that accused him of having a different set of parents, not Polybus and Merope. After that Oedipus wants to find his true identity, even though his parents told him that it was false information. Oedipus never finds whether he is adopted or not.

Another major theme in Oedipus Rex was everyone’s thought of fate over free will. The idea that your Fate is set when your born and there is not changing it. Sophocles was said to be a religious man with strong believes. In Oedipus Rex fate is their destiny and that is the way it is. They can do nothing to change the way things happen, and peoples suffering is a way for the gods to show their power to people.

Many Greek plays demonstrate pride getting the best of people. Pride is another theme that plays a big role in Oedipus Rex. Oedipus was a very smart man, however his downfall began and ended with his pride. Oedipus was a tragic hero, and we know that with tragic heroes comes a tragic flaw and his flaw was pride. Oedipus executed his destiny set by the gods by trying to overcome and escape it.

In conclusion, Sophocles play Oedipus Rex was a very interesting play to watch and read. Its main themes of self-discovery, free will over fate, and pride were leads destruction. Oedipus’ character was a carrier of each one. In the play they were not hard to miss at all. His character was a great example of a tragic hero with a tragic flaw.

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