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My Last Duchess a Reflection of Victorian Age

The paper deal with the various features of Browning’s Poetry and how it manifests itself in My Last Duchess, subtly encapsulating the characteristics of the Victorian era. Browning portrays all forms of art as self revelatory and reflective of social constructions. In this poem, the setting is based on Renaissance Italy, where a Duke is […]

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Robert Browning’s my Last Duchess

Written in 1845, Robert Browning’s poem “My Last Duchess” conveys the opinions of a wealthy nobleman addressing a marriage broker about his late wife’s painting. During the Victorian era, women were viewed more as property than real humans capable of emotions. Men controlled every facet of a relationship; equality in marriage was relatively unheard of. […]

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My Last Duchess Analysis

  “My Last Duchess” is a poem approximately dependent on noteworthy occasions and notable figures composed by Robert Browning. We are to suspect that the add shouting out “My Last Duchess” is Alfonso, the Duke of Ferrara who lived in the sixteenth century. “My Last Duchess” is composed as a sensational verse or speech in […]

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My Last Duchess’ by Robert Browning

One of the works that we read in class by Robert Browning that really grabbed my attention was “My Last Duchess”. This work really kept me hooked until the end. In this poem the Duke somewhat personifies the green-eyed monster. He is practically a jealousy symbol. The attention his wife, Lucrezia, shows other people. Something […]

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