The Life and Art of Authoring Novels Cynthia Lord

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Cynthia Lord is an American author. She has written many novels and loves writing them. She grew up in new hampshire in 1950. She was born in 1950 and is currently 69 years old. She grew up reading Happy, Peppermint, and Winnie The Pooh. She has one sister whom she loves very much. She first wrote when she was five years old. She wrote on a birthday card for her grandpa.

She has written sixteen novels. And won 73 different awards. She writes a lot of books on life and its meaning of it. Sing the rules in most of her book, and she also talks about being respectful and following. She first wrote a story when she was in high school. She wrote a ghost story but only wrote a couple of chapters because she had nightmares about it. Then she started to write again when she was in college.

Cynthia lives in an old house with her husband, John Lord, and she has two children named Julia and Gregory, but Gregory has autism. She is very appreciative of everything she has, including books. She has two pets, and sometimes she puts them in small parts of her stories. She has a bunny named cookie, and he is black and white. She also has a dog named Milo, who has white fur. Milo is half pomeranian, half Maltese. The place where all the writing happens is in a shed outside, where she can be alone and set her mind full of imagination.

She was a schoolteacher when she got out of college. She taught first grade, sixth grade, and in the school house for a while. She loves kids and loves teaching kids. That is part of the reason she liked writing books. She loves teaching her kids new things whenever she can. She also loved teaching her sister new things. She likes teaching younger kids rather than older kids. Teaching is in her blood.

Cynthia Lord has many novels and loves writing them. She has a good description of everything she explains. In the book Touch blue, she would explain a building like a white building with its little belfry rising from the roof peek, and it looks like an old school house from a long time ago. She is a very good writer, especially when it comes to writing about what people are thinking in their minds. Cynthia loves teaching and writing and won't stop till she can play anymore.

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