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Robert Frost – Life and Achievements

Throughout history, influential writers have been acknowledged and been credited for all of the works they have written. In American literature since the Civil War, writers such as E. E. Cummings, F. Scott Fitzgerald, William Faulkner, and Ernest Hemingway have all become well known for their inspiring works during this time. Each and every writer […]

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Analysis of Robert Frost’s “Meeting and Passing”

Robert Frost was born in San Francisco, California on March 26 in the year of 1874. His father was William Prescott Frost Jr. He was initially a teacher and later became an editor of the San Francisco Evening Bulletin newspaper, he was of English descent and his mother, Isabelle Moodie was that of a Scottish […]

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‘Out, Out-‘ by Robert Frost

In the poem Out, Out- by Robert Frost (1916) there are a plethora of themes addressed by the poet such as the vulnerability of children, fragility of life, the callous nature of society and the issue of child labour. The poet effectively cleverly uses literary techniques such as personification, onomatopoeia and many more to establish […]

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Struggles of Robert Frost

There have been many renowned American poets, but many critics say there is no one like Robert Frost. He has written numerous poems, most of which are famous all over the world. It is often said that behind success, there is some hidden disappointment or secret in person’s lives. The same thing can be said […]

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Impact Robert Frost’s Poetry on Society

The poet Robert Frost became famous through the impact of his poems on society during his time. In Robert Frost’s two poems Mending Wall and The Cow in Apple Time, he utilizes extended metaphors to convey the futility of creating boundaries with walls. The literary elements found throughout The Cow in Apple Time help convey […]

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An Analysis of Robert Frost

Robert Frost was an American poet, that often wrote about rural life in New England. It must be noted that he was honored frequently during his lifetime and nominated for the Nobel prize in Literature thirty-one times. Frost was both praised and criticized for his style of writing. During a time when poetry was moving […]

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Robert Frost Biography

Born March 26, 1874 in San Francisco, California, Robert Frost would later go down as one of the most influential poets in American history. Throughout his career, Frost was given several accolades such as four Pulitzer Prizes, a Congressional Gold Medal, and poet laureate of Vermont. None of these awards would have been achieved if […]

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Robert Frost: Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

When winter arrives in the year, with it brings a pause in movement. The growth of plants and vegetation is interrupted and concealed by layers of fluffy white. Everything is frozen in time and place when winter succeeds fall. An appropriate choice for Robert Frost’s poem, the setting of winter appears to have the same […]

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Robert Frost – WWI Poet

During the time of World War I, Robert Frost composed his poetry to contrast themes that dealt with issues, and he also used his poems to portray difficulties that inspire living things to achieve their wants. In the poems, Mending Wall and The Cow in Apple Time, Robert Frost reveals the deeper meaning of a […]

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Robert Frost Analysis Essay

Robert Frost, a clever thinker and master of metaphors, is known for successfully taking his reader’s imagination on journeys through his poems. Frost’s ambiguous poems, “”The Cow in Apple Time”” and “”Mending Wall”” both develop a wall as an extended metaphor in order to explain that ignorance of the purpose behind boundaries can lead to […]

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Robert Frost’s Poems Analysis

Robert Lee Frost was an award winning American poet. He was an extremely successful poet that was known as a tragic poet. Frost uses ordinary speech in his poetry in hopes of making sense to readers and uses a lot of ordinary, everyday situations in his poetry. Even after dealing with much tragedy in his […]

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Comparitive Essay

Comparative Essay ————————————————- ————————————————- Write a comparative analysis of ‘An old man’s winter night’ by Robert Frost and ‘Lore’ by R. S. Thomas. Highlight each poet’s distinct attitude towards old age. Comment on the style through which the poets express how they feel about old age. Both Frost and Thomas draw upon the theme of […]

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