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Hamlet Mental State Analysis

Hamlet mental state can be perceived as mental madness; this is seen as the most accurate assessment. Hamlet certainly displays a high degree of instability throughout much of the play, but his madness is pointed out to conclude that he actually loses his mind. His language is wild, but beneath his words often lie acute […]

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Method in Hamlet’s Madness

In this tragedy, Shakespeare explores the ways in which Hamlet express his emotions of rage and grief. Madness can be an infectious disease that has the ability to spread like a viral disease, if it’s not removed from the root of the problem. It starts very slowly and unassuming with an idea and before you […]

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The Question of Hamlet’s Madness

The question of Hamlet’s madness has been analyzed regarding the profundity of his “madness” and whether or not it goes to the extent of his beliefs. WIth this in mind, Hamlet is a play on how the Prince of Denmark,Hamlet,plots a scheme to essentially kill his father’s brother, however, his plans take a turn to […]

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The Scene of Hamlet’s Madness

In this scene hamlet says he will remember the ghost and keep his promise in revenge to his mother and claudius for their evil doings. It is also mentioned that his relationship with his mother became turbulent since he resents her from marrying her husband’s brother. Those are a few examples of his emotions which […]

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William Shakespeare’s Hamlet Character Analysis

William Shakespeare’s Hamlet is a tragic play focused around the protagonist’s quest to seek revenge against his father’s murderer. After it is disclosed that Hamlet’s uncle killed his father, Hamlet is blown to the core and driven to the line between sanity and mania. Throughout the play, Hamlet portrays an elevated sense of instability, but […]

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Madness and Religion in Hamlet

Shakespeare’s Hamlet contains many literary elements and motifs, which explains the many analytical possibilities. From the beginning of the play, the readers follow Hamlet through his personal battle to find where his loyalty lies, with God or with his deceased father. The ghost of the king asks that Hamlet kill Claudius, and discusses the murder […]

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Did Hamlet Love Ophelia?

Hamlet does not have good relationships with the women in his life, as his life is presented in the famous play. It is possible that one of the reasons why Hamlet is having his mental breakdown in isolation is because of these poor relationships, and this may be due to the frailty of these women, […]

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