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“Once Upon a Time” and “A Chip of Glass Ruby”

The Struggle of Apartheid No matter what, there are always two sides to a story. In the short stories “Once Upon a Time” and “A Chip of Glass Ruby” by author Nadine Gordimer it tells how the two different families are impacted by the South African apartheid. One is a wealthy upper class family living […]

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Are there Cracks in the Glass Ceiling and Glass Border?

Diversity and Global Talent Management: Are There Cracks in the Glass Ceiling and Glass Border? To enter a global market, enterprises build a diversified labor force. Employees have a diverse background and gender differences provide them a distinctive vision to bring creativity. Leaders leads diversified employees to discover their potentials, employees can share thoughts in […]

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The Glass Menagerie

The glass Menageries is a modern play that written by Tennessee Williams this play is called by another name which is “ Memory play “ because Williams uses a special technique that the play about a character’s memory. Right now ‘Williams gets from the mechanism of film.. Especially from silent film, to present the interrupted […]

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Glass Half Empty

A good majority of the time you can find me walking through the halls with a face like this … It’s not that I’m upset or judging the people around me … it’s my thinking face! What assignments do I have due tomorrow? Did I finish all of my homework? Do I have enough time […]

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