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Paying Taxes

Paying taxes have also advantages and disadvantages, good and bad effects in our life. Most of the people think that taxes are something negative, something to hate. Almost 40% of our income are paid to the government, so people have less money to spend. The high amount of taxes discourages individuals from working. Although they […]

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About Tax Collection

Tax collection has been an arguement-causing issue among the diverse classes of the American people group. The 1960s saw the start of the finish of the modern economy. The 1970s saw the remaining parts of American “substantial” industry move from the rustbelt of the Northeast and Midwest to the much venerated sunbelt of the South. […]

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A Tax System

The word ‘Tax’ has been come from the Latin word ‘TAXO’. It conveys that it is a mandatory financial charge or some other type of levy imposed upon a tax payer. A tax payer could be an individual or other legal entity. It is imposed by the governmental organization in order to fund various public […]

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For and against Taxation

Taxes are hiding in our everyday life. If we go shopping, we are paying not only the price of the products and services but this price will include the value-added tax (In Hungary the VAT is 27% which is the highest in the world). If we get our salary or wage in the beginning of […]

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Is there a Better System for Taxation?

The United States currently uses a progressive tax system. While paying taxes is inevitable, many American citizens feel that the taxes they are required to pay are unfair. Some maintain that the progressive tax system that is currently used should be changed, arguing that the existing system punishes the rich and rewards the poor. Is […]

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Taxation for Education and Housing Crisis’s Causing Poverty

Poverty is a serious issue that has affected society for much longer than one would like to admit. There are multiple ways in which poverty is embedded into society. Poverty is established into classed societies as a way of providing noticeable divisions. Some major means of poverty in society include taxation for funding public schools […]

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Taxation in Hungary

Some foreign intelligence says, that the hungarian people have to pay the most money, for taxes – compared to Germany, Slovakia, Romania, Czech republic – it is true. Numerically, in Hungary, there are 58 different taxes. For instance, Hungary has te highest VAT (value-added tax) in the European Union, which is 27% since 2012. We […]

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Taxation Without Representation

The end of the Seven Years War (1763) came at a steep price for Britain; ??75 million to be exact. This enormous amount of borrowed money doubled Britain’s national debt (Land, Jeremy, 73). George Grenville, the prime minister in 1763, found that the American colonies produced ? 2,000 a year, while their Caribbean colonies produced […]

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Taxpayer Definition

Taxpayer Definition: A taxpayer is a person who earns income from Malaysia. The person will be charged to pay tax and is fully responsible to pay tax to the government of Malaysia. Responsibilities of Individual taxpayer The individual taxpayers are responsible to keep their records and documents accordingly, calculate the tax accurately and submit the […]

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Tax Payment and its Administration

INTRODUCTION The Kingdom of ESwatini is one the countries who aspire to attain First World status. Tax payment and its administration is the demonstration of such desire, although some income earners view it as a means of exploitation by the government. Tax payment is a contribution imposed by the Government on personal income earners, companies, […]

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Taxation of Dividends

Introduction There is sufficient proof to suggest that investing in stocks is one of the most effective and easy ways to create wealth in the long term. The term stock refers to a legally acceptable way of becoming part of the ownership of a publicly listed company. In many cases, the term securities may be […]

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Taxation in America

Taxation is very important, therefore everyone is effected by it. Even America itself was founded because of unfair taxes (McDougal 206). When America was still a colony of Great Britain, the British heavily taxed them on imports (McDougal 206). The final straw that caused the revolution to occur was the Stamp Act (McDougal 207). In […]

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Taxation for Curbing Obesity

The present issue of lousy nourishment utilization and the all-inclusive obesity battle in America relentlessly plagues our nation. Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent on junk food yearly. Junk food is so termed due to high sugars and fats and low in other necessary nutrients. American obesity, which afflicts roughly one hundred million people, […]

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Inequality in Taxation

In recent discussions of economic inequalities, a controversial issue has been whether economic inequalities are to be arranged so that they are reasonably expected to be to everyone’s advantage. Through this essay we will be talking about progressive federal income tax and flax tax rate. A progressive tax is a tax rate that increases as […]

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Environmental Taxes Act

Brief 213168 I have been asked to provide the Luminous Lighting Company with a legal opinion on the likely tax implications of section 10(1) of the Environmental Taxes Act 2007, which came into force in the UK on 31st January 2008, on its current business activities: The impact of section 10(1) of the Environmental Taxes […]

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Study on Taxation

Introduction This case considers the issue of the ordinary income and whether or not a gift of shares to an accountant Lewis Hays by the owner of the company Richardson’s Meat Industries Ltd. is assessable as ordinary income for the accountant’s personal services to the private company and the owner. He worked for company for […]

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The Application of Ethics in Progressive Taxation

The Application of Ethics in Progressive Taxation For many centuries, societies have always judged individuals based on their social class. This social structure permits the society to place an individual or a group in a certain social class based on their economic status. The four social classes include; the upper class, the middle class, the […]

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An Accounting Case Study Analysis

Accounting The following Report Assess three different scenarios in terms of the question raised, and provide the detailed explanation as required in the questions. The cases deal with the Taxation and accounting in the UAE (Case 1), American Expats Warned against Tax non- Compliance (Case 2) and Emirati Government on Humanitarian Aid (Case 3). Case […]

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Taxation and Government Spendig in Hungary

Some people looks a sarcastic way at the taxations. At my point of view the tax paying should not let be a bad thing as the citizen’s judgement. If we ask the question what would be if taxation wouldnt exist, the anwser could be really upsetting. Let’s see some of the worth what we would […]

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About Taxation Generally

“Taxation is the price which civilized communities pay for the opportunity of remaining civilized.” Albert Bushnell Hart We will speak about the taxations advantages, disadvantages, and necessity. First of all what is it actually, why it is introduced? Why and when have we to pay it? And in the reality who gets this large amount […]

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The U.S’s Taxation Vs China’s Taxation

The development of a country is inseparable from taxation, which is the guarantee of the country’s fiscal revenue. I believe for most countries the purpose of the taxation is to economic and social. As the world’s largest economy, the United States has built the world’s most advanced and most complex tax system. However, China experienced […]

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Taxation in the American Revolution

Many people know about the American Revolution. People know why the American Revolution started but we are going to look at the specific reasons. Some of the reasons the American Revolution started was because of taxation without representation, they wanted their freedom from Great Brittan, and the federal government made the states pay the war […]

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Taxation on Trusts

Taxation on Trusts As we know, a majority of trusts are subject to taxation. There are a number of different trusts, each with a different type of taxation. Of course we know that a trust is “a relationship where a property is held by someone (trustee) for someone else (beneficiary). Trust can be used to […]

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Taxation in Singapore

Tax is source of income for the government and it is used for social benefit in a country. It helps the government develop the country and protect the country such as building roads, building, hospital or purchasing weapon, paying salary for police. It also helps everyone more equally between poor and rich group by providing […]

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The Situation of Double Taxation of Company and Shareholder International Law Essay

What is double taxation? Double taxation is a situation that affects C corporations when business profits are taxed at both the corporate and personal levels. The corporation must pay income tax at the corporate rate before any profits can be paid to shareholders. Then any profits that are distributed to shareholders through dividends are subject […]

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Inspector of Taxes

Explain the rule in Pepper (Inspector of Taxes) v Hart [1993] AC 593, as it now applies. Evaluate its wisdom. (Look at both sides of the argument). ANSWER Introduction This paper discusses the rule established in the 1993 House of Lords case of Pepper (Inspector of Taxes) v Hart[1] and its current application. The rule […]

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Identifying a De Facto Director

Company Law ‘The decision of the Supreme Court in The Commissioners for HM Revenue and Customs v Holland (2010) and the case-law subsequently, has brought much needed clarity to the questions of how to identify whether someone is a de facto director, and why it is necessary for the law to be able to identify […]

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Progressive Taxation is it Fair

A progressive tax is one that chargers a higher tax rate for people who earn a higher income than others. The rationale behind progressive tax is that people with a lower income will spend more of their income in order to maintain their standard of living. The United States uses a progressive income tax system. […]

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Taxation Versus Supply and Demand Elasticity

In inelastic good market, change in price does not cause any change in the consumption, for elastic goods changes in prices trigger great changes in the consumption patterns. An imposition of exercise tax by the government increases the levels of prices for the target good. The change in the quantity supplied and demanded depends on […]

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