Pros and Cons of Minimum Wage

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No one can represent me or my views this is what became the base for a concept called direct democracy. it is the political framework which allows direct involvement of people in government and lawmaking through their votes as mentioned in article 21 universal declaration of human rights 1948.

A question always arises in my mind being a citizen of a representative democratic country that by electing a representative should I agree with all his decisions in favor of or against any issue or law? The answer from me to myself was always a big NO.

So I think direct democracy is more of a positive way for a society to make decisions. For responsible citizen referendums and initiatives are the best possible ways to use one's power and will in making laws for the welfare of his society. Your direct involvement in the electoral process creates a sense of responsibility that your point of view is of worth importance. The people have the authority to say ‘NO’ if something is not in their favor. The representatives are well aware of the fact of Recall is the best option of check and balance on them by the people, hence makes the system more qualitative, fruitful and functional. Since I have selected Arkansas Issue 5, minimum wage increase initiative(2018) and it has some advantages and disadvantages too which are mentioned below

Pros of Arkansas Issue 5:

  1. The minimum wage was not increased abruptly rather there is going to be a gradual increase annually.
  2. This increase has helped the sedulous workers to meet their basic needs with larger payments.
  3. Arkansas has one of the highest poverty rates in the country and this initiative was the need of time.
  4. the increase in the minimum wage is considerable.
  5. Research of “National Low Income Housing Coalition” shows that the average worker in Arkansas has to earn $13.84 per hour to afford two bedroom apartment and the increase in minimum wage is justifiable.
  6. this increase in the wage has helped the government to reduce their expenses for social programs targeting the poor community.
  7. It has increased the tax revenue for the government.

Since these were the Pros but there are Cons too for this issue which are mentioned below; 

  1. It would decrease job opportunities. As very less number of employees will be hired with this increased wage.
  2. Price of items would increase considering the new income. In simple words, there will be an increase in the cost of products.
  3. Companies would prefer machines instead of a human resource.
  4. Students may get involved in work and leave their education as they are getting enough income to rely upon. 
  5. Small scale industries or companies may face a lot of difficulties to overcome their expenditures.

After discussing the pros and cons now it is easy to consider one option and I would go with the benefits of an increase in minimum wage initiative because it is in the best interest of people and there are satisfied;e answers to the cons of this issue. In a recent study by UC-Berkely, the increase in the minimum wage of workers didn’t affect the labor market but it has considerably improved the economic condition of the area.

Furthermore, the worker will work hard and effectively and the work quality will be increased. This minimum wage initiative is not a new concept but 21 states of the United States of America along with the district of Colombia have increased the minimum wage in 2017. This initiative is evident to reduce the welfare programs as maximum people will be self-dependent and they may not need such initiatives.

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