Minimum Wage for Fast Food Workers

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Fast food workers around the world face many of the same issues such as poverty pay, inconvenient or insufficient hours, stress or employer hostility to union organization, etc. Many fast food workers are working these jobs while in school to support themselves with only making minimum wage. Survival is very important in life. Everyone should be entitled to earn a living wage, but the cost of living varies a lot depending on where the fast food worker live. Many people who work in fast food feel as if they deserve a higher wage salary, and those with college degrees opposes to that accusation.

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“Minimum Wage for Fast Food Workers”

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Fast food worker’s jobs are not easy to handle, since many people have a hard time catching on quickly to the fast-paced work environment. Not to mention, fast food workers get little benefits depending on who they work for, and work long hours making minimum wage compared to many people who are paid more for less work. Fast food workers may be unskilled, should still be able to make a wage that helps support themselves and their families. Fast food companies keep employees at low wages while they are making billions of dollars in profits every year, compared to what their employees make yearly. Americans deserve better! It is holding back the economic recovery and contributing to high poverty rates and rates of working poor.

College graduates think it is very unfair. They feel as if they worked hard to earn a degree, and people in fast food want a higher pay compared to those that work their way up to earn a better salary. A variety of fast food jobs does not require a worker to have any skills or formal education depending on where the person applies. Pay should be based on what a person brings to the table. School may not be the best option for many, but many should try to push themselves more and look for work that provides better benefits and pay. It just would not be right for a non-college graduate to make more than a college-graduate when they spent time and dedication trying to make something out of themselves. Many feel it will make the pay insignificant. If fast food workers are unhappy with the position they are in , then they should try to make goals and reach them.

The Federal minimum wage is not going to be raised much higher than it is now. It does not seem like this issue will be resolved. Many employers do pay higher wages to workers in other countries without it hurting their pockets, but it does not apply everywhere. Many people have little hope of relief from poverty wages since they feel like they are stuck in the system. Others have tattoos, piercings, and act unprofessional when they show up to most interviews . Major companies are not going to hire a person unless they fit the mold of being professional, appearance is great with barely visible tattoos and piercings, etc. Many people fail to realize how economics or how business works.

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