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Free Will – Universal Causation

In this paper, I will argue that the principle of universal causation is inconsistent with free will. Universal Causation is the principle that all events or actions that occur have a prior event or action that caused that specific event or action to take place. Varying philosophical schools of thought including the hard determinism, libertarianism, […]

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Crime Law Essay Online for Free

The approach within this assignment will firstly review the failings of both Fred Churchill (Contractors) Ltd for the unlawful depositing of waste around the city of Nottingham together with the incident which relates to Brockwell and the pollution of the river Trent. Both cases will be reviewed as under s85 of the Water Resources Act […]

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Factual Causation Public Law

To decide whether an offence has been committed, first discuss the issue of causation. If Diana has caused Edmund’s death, we examine what offences she may have committed, and consider whether Diana may have any defences, including the partial defences to murder of provocation and diminished responsibility. In cases of murder and manslaughter, we must […]

Pages: 8 Words: 2420 Topics: Causation, Common Law, Crime, Criminal Law, Justice, Murder, Violence

Common Law in Regards to Psychiatric Injury

Gentlemen, on 15 April 1989, there was a terrible disaster at Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield football. The pressure of the masses trying to land 95 people crushed on the terraces are killed and many injured. On that day the plaintiffs (respondents to this appeal) members of the South Yorkshire Police Force were on duty at […]

Pages: 14 Words: 4103 Topics: Causation, Common Law, Government, Justice, Negligence

A Tort Law

Introduction Based on the question, Mark had suffered property damage due to the fire that was set by the youths. Therefore, we are required to advice Mark in respect of any claims he may have against various parties: the Amber Borough Council (hereinafter ABC), Chigley Services, Home Office, Justin and Jason, and the Fire Brigade. […]

Pages: 11 Words: 3232 Topics: Causation, Comparative Law, Duty Of Care, Ethical Principles, Justice, Negligence, Tort, Tort Law

Problem of Causation

The problem of causation with respect to fact constructivism questions how can our descriptions cause the existence of things like mountains, whose existence seems to come before ours? For example, let’s think of a disease. There are known, accepted facts about meningitis. These facts cause other facts, such as what it does to your spine […]

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The Cumulative Causation Theory

One additional approach that is classified between the meso-theories is the cumulative causation theory. The Cumulative Causation Theory was developed by Gunnar Myrdal in 1957. It was further developed by D. J. Massey and his colleagues. The theory explains as to why a migration flow begins and continues to grow. Causality is cumulative when every […]

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Illusory Causation

The progression of technology has had a tremendous impact on daily life. This technological evolution has had a significant influence on the criminal justice system. The article Illusory Causation in the Courtroom by G. Daniel Lassiter explained, via a three-stage experiment, that the camera point of a videotaped confession can cause bias in the conviction […]

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