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Tips how to Choose Attorney / Advocate Services / Legal Consultants

Along with the development of increasingly modern life dynamics, more and more legal problems are faced by individuals and corporations, both in the context of prevention (preventive) and facing the complexity of real problems in the field (repressive), then Advocate / Lawyer services become inevitable, especially in every issue and problem in the lives of […]

Pages: 9 Words: 2565 Topics: Expert, Family Law, Lawyer

Social Media & Harassment in the Workplace

We live in a generation of technology that has evolved us towards incredible measures. Technology has impacted the medical field, the world of science, businesses and many more organizations greatly. An example of one of the advances made is cell phones. Cell phones are the milestone for the development of technology. They allow wireless communication […]

Pages: 3 Words: 824 Topics: Family Law, Justice, Sexual Harassment, Social Issues
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The Development of the Concept ‘best Interests of the Child’

Introduction The term child has been defined by various authorities and prominent characters of the world in different ways. The international Convention on the Rights of Child has elaborated the term ‘child’ is as follows. ‘‘For the purposes of the present Convention, a child means every human being below the age of eighteen years unless […]

Pages: 6 Words: 1849 Topics: Childhood, Common Law, Family Law, Human Development, Interpersonal Relationships, Parenting

Welkom in De Module Echtscheiding

Als mensen elkaar het ja-woord geven is dat in principe een verbintenis voor het leven. De trouwbelofte zegt het ook. “Verklaart u aan te nemen tot uw wettige echtgenoot en belooft u getrouw alle plichten te zullen vervullen, die door de Wet aan de huwelijkse staat worden verbonden? Wat is daarop uw antwoord?” Na twee […]

Pages: 50 Words: 14913 Topics: Civil Law, Debt, Divorce, Family, Family Law, Government, Marriage
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