Raise Minimum Wage

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Why should people go through an everyday struggle when there’s an easy solution? It is time for a change when it comes to the minimum wage. It’s not right for people to live paycheck to paycheck. No one should have to experience the worry of late bills and low amount of food. I believe that the  wage should be increased because people can live comfortably, it would increase economic growth, and it would reduce crime rates. There’s no way a person can even work full-time and support a family on less than 15,000 a year.

Minimum wage should be increased so people can live comfortably. The minimum wage as of now is not enough for basic necessities, like groceries. People are struggling to make ends meet. You always hear the saying “health is wealth” and that’s true in this case because people can become healthier if the minimum wage increased. According to How to Improve Mental Health in America: Raise the Minimum Wage, the researchers found that workers who got higher wages because of the minimum wage law also experienced an improvement in their mental health, both in absolute terms and relative to the comparison groups. Importantly, the effect of the wage increase was about as large as taking an anti-depressant medication. That being said, increasing the minimum wage will help with people’sWage health making it at ease to live life comfortably.

Increasing the minimum wage would raise economic growth. Higher job growth and businesses would be on the rise. There would be more customers that can afford to buy products from businesses. More job opportunities would be created for teens, however, according to Charles Blahous, the recent trend toward higher minimum wages is a significant driver of declining employment among teens. The increase of minimum wage would actually slow businesses down and raise unemployment levels. It would not give teens and young adults the opportunity to gain experiences from work and it would lower their future earnings.

Increasing the minimum wage would reduce crime rates. The crime rate is at a high rate right now so increasing the minimum wage would provide sustainable and viable for employment. There would be more job opportunities, more education, and enrichment activities to the point where every low-skilled worker have the opportunity to earn money.

Minimum wage should be increased because people can live comfortably, it would increase economic growth, and it would reduce crime rates. Raising the minimum wage for workers would affect America in a positive way. People can live life and not have to worry that much about certain things.

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