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When faced with a predicament that requires legal action, you contact a lawyer, someone who is an advocate and will represent you to the best of their ability. These individuals have endured seven years of furthered education as well as passing the Bar exam. While some say being a lawyer requires too much research and memorization, lawyers help provide support for those who can’t argue their point in a case. Even if an individual cannot afford a lawyer, one will be given to them by the state or another lawyer might do pro bono work. Lawyers put in long hours to assist individuals with legal trouble leading to advancements in their career.

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“Lawyer Profession”

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When a lawyer defends an individual, it is their job to research relevant facts about the case and prior cases, and interrupt laws that affect the ruling of the case. They are also in charge of filing any legal documents and communicating with their client about the happenings of the case. These duties result in long hours due to the extensive research needed to fully prepare themselves for trial. There are many types of lawyers with the goal to achieve certain things but overall the duties themselves are quite similar. Depending on the type of lawyer will determine if they are required to travel outside of the office. Other locations may include homes, hospitals or prisons. In these locations, they will converse with their clients and may begin to discuss what is going to happen during the trial and they might ask any additional information they feel is needed from their clients. As previously mentioned, it takes seven years to complete the proper education for becoming a lawyer, four years of undergraduate study and three of law school. After obtaining their law degree, prospective lawyers must pass the written bar exam.

When first entering the workforce, new lawyers may work alongside more experienced colleagues. This gives them a chance to see how the job gets done and allows them to ease into their first solo cases. A few years down the road, those new lawyers have the chance to advance in the job they have worked so hard in. There are a couple of different ways they can advance in their career, one is to be made a partner at their firm. In other words, this means they will be partial owners for that law firm and leads to you being a partial owner of the firm, and thus leading to more money being made. Another path for advancement would be opening a practice themselves. This gives them the freedom to take the cases they deem most important and fit their concentration of law best. Finally, the last option, which is the rarest to happen, would be when a lawyer is nominated or elected into a judgeship.

When looking into any prospective job, an important factor is to look at the salary and how much they make on average. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean annual wage was $141,890 as of May 2012. By 2020, lawyer employment is projected to grow by 6%, and in 2026 by 9%. Recently, the popularity and demand for legal jobs has increased tremendously. This is due to the businesses and individuals that need legal help, followed closely by the government who also has legal needs.

Lawyers put it long hours to assist individuals with legal trouble leading to advancements in their career. This can be seen in the extensive research that is done to ensure that they are representing their client to their fullest capability. Lawyers are knowledgeable and well educated due to their furthered education. They also have vast amounts of experience due to their pairing with experienced colleges.

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