Should the Federal Minimum Wage be Increased

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Through times like the Great Depression, World War 1, and World War 2, Americans have gone through the most terrifying economic downfall any nation could face.

During this troubling times, increased poverty and lack of jobs almost crippled this nation to its feet. The Industrial factory also known as the “Sweat Factory” not only required the men to work but for the first time forced many women and child to work so that they can be to afford common necessities to feed their family. The cause to this profound change in the social construct in which a women has to labor with her father to sustain a life was caused by the selfishness of factory owners and the disability of the United state government to form a unified minimum wage. Even to this day and age with the unified minimum wage of 7.25 dollars, many americans still survive to sustain a living.

To fix this issue, government intervention is essential through the use of yearly fluctuation of minimum wage based on inflation rate, universal basic income and through federal monetary observation that is essential for the country.

To put it in another way, Americans since 1938 have seen a fundamental change in the minimum wage standard. Compare to 1938 minimum wage of 25 cents with that of recent times, americans can see that they have being a tremendous change in the amount individuals make per hour. The system in which the government would yearly fluatate the minimum wage based on inflation would be beneficial to the economy because it would stimulate consumer spending, improve worker productivity, and reduce employee turnover and absenteeism. It would also boost the overall economy by generating increased consumer demand.

Many americans that are subjected under the fininicial hinders of minimum wage, are focused on rising it that they loss sight of the consequence of that action on the economic. A surey (Sahadi J) conducted by CNNMoney in 2014, found that 71 percent of Americans favored for a the icrease of federal minimum wage. This study emplyed different percept of society including how political parties affect the outcome of the federal wages. With the implementation of yealry fluatauation americans dont have to worry about the conseqces of such action.

Universal Basic income employs a free market idea where citizens and consumers can decide how to spend their money in exchange of goods and services. This type of system encourage Economic liberalism as the better model than government directed economic.

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