Against the Minimum Wage

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People are what makes up a society. Everything we do generally affects one another. The people in our community all have specific roles and jobs that they do. Everyone contributes to our society and this creates functionality. But how did we get here? How did one gain the education needed to work? In every job there is some amount of education required, whether it is from an institution or not. To have a growing society we the people must go to school and further ourselves. However not everyone has the ability to do so. Our government has policies and plans implicated to help cover the cost for students to go to school. However after enrolling into college and learning the cost of an education, I have begun to learn that even with these policies paying for college is strenuous. I believe the current major problem in the United States educational system is the expectation of students to pay for if not all most of their own college or technical school.

Going to college or getting a technical certification is one of the best ways to prepare yourself in the work field. Having a degree or certification is an absolute way to insure you're getting paid over minimum wage. With inflation in our economy being able to live a comfortable lifestyle on minimum wage pay is almost impossible. According to The Poverty research in their article “What are full-time annual earnings at the current minimum wage” they reveal if one works 40 hours a week/ 2,080 hours a year one will make around $15,080.

The Washington Post conducted research to see on average in America how much does it cost for a person to live comfortably. The information they discovered was not astonishing to me because I've been working and paying my own bills for a few years now but I believe it could shock a number of young adults. The Washington post revealed that in Texas the average person should make at least 41-45 thousand dollars a year. This information just goes to show that making minimum wage doesn’t even offer you half of a financially stable lifestyle. I believe this information is highly important to anyone who is thinking about attending a college or institution of any sort. Now knowing that one must go to college or get a technical certification you may ask about cost for that.

After asking student that I know that have graduated from Texas Universities i’ve conducted my own research and found that to obtain a bachelors the cost is on average 80-100 thousands dollars depending on if one goes to a community college or straight to an University. Financial Aid, grants, and student loans is the government's way of helping people further their education. If you're a young adult planning on attending college your financial situation isn't taken into consideration but you're parents. Many of my friends parents are more than comfortable financially but unwilling to help their children. This leaves the students in desperation for paying for their education. I believe that College and Technical schooling offered through community college should be much more financially obtainable for the average American.

My hopes are that someday our current major problem in the United States educational system is resolved. Hopefully paying for a continued education someday is easier for the average American. Large percentage of graduates are left in debt. Someday i'd like to see this change is our educational system. 

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