Supreme Court Essays

Essay Introduction

The incomparable court is the summit court in Nigeria, and it has both unique and re-appraising wards, has the sole power and purview to engage advances from the Court of Offer, and has a to redraft locale overall lower government courts and most elevated state courts. Choices rendered by the court are official in all courts in Nigeria aside from the Incomparable Court itself.

Research Paper on Supreme Court

The All Dynamic Congress (APC) documented an intrigue on the governorship political decision brought about by Imo state against the People Groups Vote based Gathering (PDP); the incomparable court maintained the intrigue for the All Dynamic Congress and requested that the APC competitor ought to be sworn into office, and the choice of the court achieved a shock from the individuals in light of the fact that the data gave by the Free Discretionary Commission(INEC) was that the APC up-and-comer came forth as indicated by the political race surveys and this prompted the People groups Law based Gathering filling for an audit of the choice of the preeminent court. As per Segment 235 of the 1999 constitution, ‘Without preference to the forces of the president or of a legislative head of a state as for privilege of kindness, no intrigue will mislead some other body or individual from any assurance from Preeminent Court.’.This segment obviously expresses that no intrigue ought to be settled on to anyone about a choice that has been made by the incomparable court and furthermore expresses that the choice of the preeminent court is conclusive.

Thesis Statement for Supreme Court

There has been an upsurge in the petitioning for a survey as of late, and the explanation behind this is flippancy and maltreatment of legal procedure. In Nigeria, the Nigerian Incomparable Court permits individuals to come and audit judgments that have been given out, and this is found in Request 8, Rule 16 of the Preeminent Court Rules, which expresses: ‘The Court will survey any judgment once given and conveyed by it spare to address any administrative slip-up or some blunder emerging from any incidental slip or exclusion, or to fluctuate the judgment or request in order to offer impact to its importance or expectation. A judgment or request will fluctuate when it effectively speaks to what the Court concluded nor will the employable and considerable piece of it be changed and an alternate structure subbed.’. This law expresses that the choice of an incomparable court can be looked into yet not tested or claimed, and this law is set up in light of the fact that the preeminent court will undoubtedly commit errors now and again, and they are severe rules which have been set up for an audit.

Argumentative Essay Examples on Supreme Court

The Preeminent Court can just put aside its choice as chosen in a long queue of chosen situations where there is extortion, botch, and where the choice is reached without or in overabundance of locale. These occasions can be found on account of NBA v. Iteogu. The Incomparable Courts won’t avoid putting aside their decisions or requests when there has been a mix-up. For example, on account of Bar Oriker Jev and Ors. v. Iyortom and Ors. [2015] NWLR (Pt. 1483) 484, the Incomparable Court had, in a previous judgment on the issue, requested that INEC direct run-off political race. During the audit, the court found that it made the said request dependent on an off-base understanding of Segment 133(2) related to Area 141 of the Discretionary Demonstration 2010 (as corrected). On a post-judgment application by one of the gatherings, the Court put aside the prior request. It rather requested the Autonomous National Constituent Commission (INEC) to give the candidate a testament of return. The court held that an innate capacity to put aside its judgment in fitting or meriting cases; however that such inalienable purview can’t be changed over into a redrafting ward just as the issue before it is another intrigue proposed to manage the cost of the losing prosecutors one more chance to repeat or re-contend their allure.

Supreme Court’s Decisions and Political Misuse

On the off chance that the incomparable court makes it simple for anybody to come to court and solicitation for a survey that would nullify the point of the preeminent court as the last court in the alliance, and it would make it simple for degenerate government officials to make the most of the chance and it would likewise permit anyone to go to the court to challenge their choices. The Latin proverb Intrigue Rei Publicae Res Jidicatas Non-Rescindi implies it is in light of a legitimate concern for the express that things chosen are not canceled, and this implies a portion of the choices taken by the preeminent court is to benefit the state.

We can’t disparage the most significant organization of popular government in view of a political decision, and the majority of the cases which have been presented for the survey are, for the most part, political race cases, and this shows the audits are only a mechanism for the degenerate Nigerian lawmakers to hold onto force and utilize the assets of the preeminent court for their egotistical wants. On the off chance that the preeminent court makes it simple for individuals to challenge their choices, it would negatively affect the legal executive and equity process.


In Nigeria, not many cases have been presented to the preeminent court for audit, and these cases have been dealt with cautiously; some were excused for not meeting the necessity which has been set up for a judgment also be up for the survey, and there is no assurance that if the applications for a survey are without a doubt, the other party won’t accompany a new application to audit the decision on the ground that this court didn’t think about specific elements while conveying judgment and this would prompt the nonstop going to and fro and there would be no closure. The greater part of the cases that have been presented for audit have been spoken to by unmistakable individuals from the bar who realize the standards directing the preeminent court, and this is extremely frustrating on the grounds that, as officials of the court, they should know better. Surveys of the choices of the preeminent court would make space for vulnerability and furthermore render the conclusion of the choices of the incomparable court pointless.

The chance to request an audit of the judgment of the incomparable court is something that can be effortlessly mishandled and ought to be put to a stop in such a case that it isn’t it will nullify the point of the preeminent court and the whole legal executive. The constitution, which is the most noteworthy law in the nation, has said in Area 235 of the 1999 constitution that the choice of the preeminent court is conclusive, and this should be regarded as whether the last judgment is fortunate or unfortunate, and it stays authoritative until the Court itself, in a later case, either will not follow the said choice or sets it aside totally. The court should start to deal with survey cases with scorn and make a substitute for those by and by brave its position with these applications.

In any case, if the preeminent court begins engaging every one of these audits, it would add up to misuse of the court’s time, and this would prompt a postponement in tending to other significant cases that are under the watchful eye of the court. In the event that the court starts to engage these surveys, it would have a truly negative effect on the legal executive, and I unequivocally accept that the court needs to concoct an approach to stop these audits so as to save our equity framework.

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