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LGBTQ Discrimination and Landmark Supreme Court Case

Throughout time people of all ethnicities, cultures, and sexualities have faced discrimination. Some due to the culture of the time or region and some due to religion; other time due to incorrect facts or misconceptions. The United States has often been slow to adapt to the changes accepted in many other countries. But through litigation, […]

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Landmark Supreme Court Cases

New Jersey v. T.L.O.         At a New Jersey High School, specifically Piscataway High School, a teacher found two girls smoking cigarettes and proceeded to escort them to the principal’s office. The first girl admitted to smoking but the second girl, T.L.O., denied smoking anything. The principal eventually searched the girl’s purse and found cigarettes, […]

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The most Important Bankruptcy Supreme Court Cases

The Most Important Bankruptcy Supreme Court Cases Issue Whether debtor’s retained counsel could be compensated for the fees and expenses incurred in the defense of its bankruptcy fee application. Facts The Southern District of Texas Bankruptcy Court awarded Baker Botts, LLP, along with Jordan, Hyden, Womber, Culbreth & Holzer, PC, approximately $120 million in fees […]

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Texas Supreme Court Cases Research

When the supreme court makes a decision on a controversial court case, a long line of ramifications are going to follow no matter what political landscape an individual is in. In the case of Salinas v. Texas it can be shown just how exactly a supreme court case can affect other future court cases and […]

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Mental Health Supreme Court Cases

    Mental Health has been a brought into a lot of Supreme Court Cases over the past decades. This has really become an issue and has brought in many amendments into play. The 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th amendments are just some of the amendments used in Supreme Court Cases. Jackson v. Indiana, Kansas v. […]

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Role of the Supreme Court

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. That is an expert from the United States Constitution, specifically the tenth amendment, pertaining to States’ powers. One of those powers was the right to decide the […]

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Supreme Court Case in Colorado

In 2012, a gay couple came into a bakery in Colorado. They asked this company to make a cake for their wedding. The company is a Christian based company, and the baker did not want to bake a cake for their wedding. The couple was not very happy with this. They claimed that they were […]

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