Frankenstein Cruelty

Frankenstein is one such story that is considered to be utterly significant. The author, Mary Shelley, does this by incorporating a mentor who dramatically changes how the character views not only himself, but the world itself. Such instance is the professor, Waldon, who inspires Victor about life which influences him to be bring something extraordinary into life.

In Frankenstein, the professor Walden, exhibits a strong influence on Victor. Walden is a chemist professor who sparks Victor’s interest in alchemy. Victor’s sense of obsession for knowledge leads to the creation of the creature. Victor’s desire for wanting to to create life with electricity results in a tragedy for not only the creator but also the creature. Victor abandons his creation after giving it life and he denies him a companion. As a result the creature decides to stop seek love through kindness and instead decided to lash out his own cruelty. He begins to threaten Victor’s life in which he does by killing his family members. He begins with William, then with Justine, and the servant Henry, and finally until he kills Elizabeth which also leads to Victor’s father’s death.

Through the lack of understanding each other’s circumstances leads to the desire for revenge. Victor and his creation are each consumed by cruelty. This causes them to lose all of the happiness and the love they acquire throughout their lives.Victor and the creation both end as monsters due to their actions. The cruelty that is continually exhibited throughout the novel, finally darkens the creature’s heart, causing him to become capable of great destruction. Victor blames the creature but yet, in the end the one who truly had fault was Victor. The creature could have remained an innocent and kind creature, but instead cruelty turned the creature into another ruthless perpetuator. This leads back to the professor’s mentorship on Victor. The professor is one of the many factors that sparks Victor’s and the creature’s cruelty acts toward each other. He makes the book as a whole since he played a huge role in mentoring Victor about life. As a result Victor uses all the knowledge he gains from the professor to make such a creation.

In the course of the novel, the professor’s influence is a key factor in portraying and developing the plot. He was the driving force behind the whole novels plot development. Without the professor’s influence Victor might have not had the idea to create such creature. Maybe the whole novel would have ended differently or at least it would’ve have had a different plot.

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