Creation of Victor – Frankenstein

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Question1 We learn that he is a professional performer who is capable of entertaining his audience. His work is to motivate his audiences to utilize writing processes. Question 2 What's the point of the frame narrative? Why do we begin and end with Robert Walton? Does he learn a lesson from his encounter with Frankenstein? If so, what is it? Question 3 I think the narrator Victor Frankenstein is unreliable narrator due to the fact that his point of view in the story and the events that unfolded are based on the terms of self-interest, specifically moral validation on his actions. Question 4 Victor Frankenstein likes the works of science and he dislikes situations that he can’t help himself. Question 6 He created him so human in form because of Frankenstein, is a man driven to learn and to experiment. That is all well and good, but, unfortunately for Victor Frankenstein, the particular subject of his obsession is the reanimation of dead tissue. In short, Victor is determined to prove that the dead can be brought back to life. He abandoned his creation. Victor states, "Unable to endure the aspect of the being I created, I rushed out of the room." As the text continues, the Creature finds Victor, and mumbling, Victor runs away again. Victor's hostile and negative reaction toward the Creature was simply because the Creature did not look like or turn out as Victor had imagined. Question 7 Victor, as the creator had the responsibility to care for the monster (he did not), and to keep it from harm and harming others (he didn't), as well as helping it to understand itself and educating it (he doesn't do this either). Victor abandons the creature because he is horrified at what he has done. Question 8 Victor Frankenstein is the one that created the monster. The things that the creature does to the people he loves would not have happened were it not that he created the creature. For instance, the monster kills Victor's wife during their honeymoon. I don’t think that there is anything missing that Victor should feel responsible of. Justine and Elizabeth do feel they have responsibilities. For instance, it’s the responsibility of Elizabeth to keep the family together after Caroline dies. Justine feels the responsibility of being "the most grateful little creature in the world"; and, of course, she's "very clever and gentle, and extremely pretty". She has the responsibility of taking care of this beauty. Question 9 If you are afraid to tell the people you love about the project you got, it is simply because you are afraid they won’t be able to accept it and one is afraid of panic that comes thereafter. Question 10 The author brings tries to create a vivid image of the creature in the reader’s mind by describing him as having a figure which resembles that of a man. The creature was also said to be moving at a very high speed. According to the dislike and mockery which the creature faces from the people, he is likely to look very scary and different from the normal human beings. However, the author describes his eloquence in speech meaning that he is not evil. Question 11 When comparing Victor and the creature, Victor seems to be more rational since he is able to give the creature a chance to narrate his tale. Victor also seems to be more compassionate than the creature since he says that he should have given the creature a chance to be happy before he rendered the creature as evil. Between the two, the creature seems to be more virtuous than Victor since the creature is able to humble himself down in order to convince Victor to hear him out. However, Victor seems to be more emotional since he wanted to express his anger on the creature by fighting him yet the creature had not attacked Victor. Question 12 The creature is said to be very kind and compassionate especially with the De Lacey family. The creature has also made an effort to learn the language spoken by the De Lacey family as well as a brief history of Europe. When the creature left Ingolstadt, he lacked knowledge of his surrounding as well as himself. Currently, he has become learned and has familiarized with his environment and his being from seeing his image in a reflection. He is scared of his outward appearance and more so the idea that the human beings would not accept him when he practically presented himself. Victor had thought of him as evil but the creature appears to be good and virtuous where he even stops stealing food from the De Lacey family and starts helping them out. At this point, he appears to be too virtuous to have murdered anyone. Question 13 The creature questioned his origin and the reason why he did not fit into the society. The question is important to the reader since it shows that the creature has come to understand his environment and himself. Question 14 Humanity originated from God and that humans can mate but the creature cannot mate with humans since they are not of the same species. Question 15 Humans did not appreciate the creature and treated him with injustice such as where he was short for saving a girl’s life. Question 16 Victor does not like the idea of creating a mate for the creature but is enslaved by the condition given by the creature if he failed whereby the creature could kill his whole family. Question 17 The creature felt as if he was in an equal position with his creator and the idea that he could make demands made everything appear fair to him after being treated with so much injustice by the humans. Question 18 The creature is seen to be filled with rage in a case where Victor refuses to give in to his demands. Therefore, the creature is likely to destroy Victor and his family. Question 19 Victor believes that he had drawn a horrible curse upon his head since he had agreed to create the monster a mate and later decided to destroy the experiment before he was done. This angered the monster and he knew that he and the monster would live fighting. Question 20 Victor calls the monster a devil for the murders by the monster of Victor’s family members as well as his newly wedded wife. The monster had turned into an evil being unlike before. Question 21 What makes the monster monstrous is the “flowing black hair and white teeth juxtaposed with his shriveled face and "straight black lips." Question 22 Victor’s final words are harsh. This means that he is upset just the way a normal human being can. The monster final words are angry yet forgiving. The words were a way of showing Victor how much he has suffered in the human life. The similarities in Walton and in the letters as a foil character is that they both contribute to the Frankenstein character and they are strong as well and they both old desires.

Essay (option c)

God is missing in Frankenstein and this is evident in the fact that no one has mentioned God in the entire book. If God and faith had entered the creature’s life, a lot could have changed. This is because God would become part of his development and faith that comes from God would change and above all, support humanity through all the struggles that he or she goes through. When God enters into the life of a creature, a lot of changes. This is where a creature becomes part of Christ and if a creature is in Christ, then a new creature is formed. The connections that are in the soul changes towards doing good. The changes that take place when God enters the life of a creature, a lot of changes in terms of the meaning that the creation holds. A creation becomes a joint with God. This is because, in creation, an expression of Gods own life is represented. Therefore, the non-expression of Gods own being are eliminated. It’s after this when now the life of faith comes in a creature. A creature that has no faith does not please God. For a creature to believe that there is God, a sense of faith must apply. God requires faith from a creation as this is the only way a creation can walk in the ways that please him. In the commandments, for instance, God says that a creature should first believe in him. Acknowledging God and the truth in him is therefore paramount. It is by faith a creation knows that the Lord is God and that he is he that made us and not ourselves. A creation also understands that we are his and that we become the sheep of his own pasture. With this, it is clear that if a creature is the work of God, then God is the one that is responsible for its development. A creature does not, therefore, find itself in moments of struggle that concern this life. This is because God sustains a creation. For instance, since he is the radiance of his own glory and an exact representation of his own nature, he, therefore, upholds all the things by the power that he has. The ordinances of heaven, where is the home of God, by the lifting of the eyes by a creature, the abundance of waters end up covering it. It is the will of God to do whatever that he pleases. It is the will of God for any creature to do what is right. The monster in Frankenstein does a lot of evil things. This simply means that God is not in the monster and all the evil things the monster does are not in accordance with the will of God. For instance, it is the will of God that one should not kill, however, we see the monster killing even the people who are very close to the person that made it. In reference to paradise lost, such acts are satanic. With God, a creation stands a position of overcoming Satan’s temptations. For instance, God sends his own angels to strengthen his creatures to help them distinguish what is right and bad for them. A creature, therefore, struggles no more with this life.
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