The Prosecution of Victor Frankenstein

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Your honor, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, opposing counsel, my name is Brandon Vu and I am the prosecuting attorney on this case against Victor Frankenstein and his crimes against humanity. Dr. Frankenstein is charged with the following crimes: Multiple charges of grave robbery, possession, and supply of human body parts, malpractice, potential child abandonment and negligence, and the murders of several individuals. Let it be known that Dr. Frankenstein is a threat to not only our society but humanity itself.

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“The Prosecution of Victor Frankenstein”

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To begin, we will address the issue of negligence and potential child abandonment. Put aside for one moment of the legal responsibility that falls upon the creature for the murders it committed. Instead, think of the creature as an equivalent to an animal which then makes Dr. Frankenstein its owner and therefore is responsible for his actions under the theory of negligence. He left the creature, which at first he zealously devoted himself to, alone and to fend for itself. Similar to how long for love from our parents, the creature was simply longing for love from its creator.

It was essentially a newborn child, a blank slate. It had no grasp of society or its morals but only cared for his creator. I believe that given enough attention, he would have grown to be a compassionate as the next person.

The second accord of crimes involves the disturbance of corpses, possession of human body parts/tissue, and malpractice as a doctor of Switzerland. Evidence beyond a reasonable doubt shows that Dr. Frankenstein went into graves of the deceased and stole body parts to use as material for his experiments. How could someone be so apathetic as to go and dig up the grave of a person’s deceased loved one and steal their body parts? This alone calls for 20 years of imprisonment and a fine up to $15,000 in the country of Switzerland. As a doctor, he has gone against his legal obligation to his nation by using the parts of deceased people in the creation of his creature and therefore is guilty of malpractice.

Moving onto our final cause for incarceration, we accuse Victor Frankenstein of the deaths of William Frankenstein; a minor and brother to the defendant, Justine Moritz; an employee of the Frankenstein Household, Henry Clerval; a friend and acquaintance, and Elizabeth Lavenza- Frankenstein; the defendant’s spouse. Although these acts were committed by the creature, Dr. Frankenstein should take legal responsibility as the owner. If that is not enough to credit these horrific acts, let him be charged with vicarious liability which is the intentional or negligent killing of another human. Upon realizing the monstrosity that he brought into the world, he failed to contain it and failed to educate it on human ethics.

While he did not physically murder these individuals, he did intentionally create the creature that did the terrible acts. Earlier when I called Dr. Frankenstein to the stand, I asked him if he had realized this and his response was, Yes I understand that I had turned loose into the world a depraved wretch whose delight was in carnage and misery. I acknowledge that he shows remorse for what he has done but it doesn’t change the fact that Dr. Frankenstein released a threat upon us, a threat to society, and is liable to do it once more.

Now ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I ask that you envision a world in which each time you wave goodbye to your loved one it could be your last. A world in which you need to constantly look over your shoulder to ensure there is not a savage beast hiding in the shadows. I ask you to imagine that the beast murdered one of your relatives.

How might that make you feel? Is that even a life worth living for? I believe that I speak on behalf of the community when I say that I do not my children growing up with that horror on their conscious. This is the world that Dr. Victor Frankenstein has created. As valuable members this community and for the safety of our loved ones and the future of our children, I plead that we come together and put this man behind bars. He didn’t seem to care when he locked his heart away from his creation so why should we do the same?

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