Frankenstein Isolation

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In the novel Frankenstein, the theme of family, isolation, the laws of nature, and revenge can be found. Victor told a story from his standpoint which later included one from the monster’s point of view.

In the novel, victor’s ambition leads him to stealing body parts to create the monster that he grew to despise. He spent weeks separate obsessing over his work, and his need to create life which one can say could have to do with the death of this mother. When Victor finally made his breakthrough in creating the monster, he soon regretted his work. Which led him to abandoning the monster and all responsibilities. One could say that the weeks spent separate took a toll on his mental health and when he finally created the monster, he realized he should have never gone against the law of nature.

Victor realizes to late that his ambitions and ego lead him to create life. Victor tries to correct hiss wrongdoing by abandoning his creation, leaving the monster without a “father,” someone to love him and care for him. Which leads to a series of events Victor never intends for.

Although Victor handpicked each body parts of the monster, propositional and non-portioned, he was still at awe when he seen the monster come to life. The monster was not what Frankenstein envisioned. He saw the monster ugly and against all laws of nature. Victor is a prime example of how human judge from appearance. Throughout the novel we see how humans judge based on appearance, however he was rejected. For example, in the novel the monster saved a little girl from what would have been her death and instead being thanked and celebrated, he was chased off by human in the village. The monster tried to do good, however he was ostracized and brutalized. This was mainly due to the fact the monster did not fit the norms of society so he was pushed away. In the book, we see that the monster was not evil rather he was pushed into the darkness. Not only was the monster pushed into darkness, he was also pushed into isolation forcing him to live on his own.

From an early stage the monster sought love and comfort from his master, however he was rejected. Perhaps, it was due to the fact Victor was fearful of the monster. Left alone in a brand-new world by this creator with no stepping stone, the monster sought acceptance from society but rependly , it failed him. In the novel, one can see that the monster was not created evil rather he was pushed into the darkness. For example, the monster’s attitude towards the strangers from the cabin showed his desire to be seen by society as an equal. The monster showed kindness and compassion, however when they saw the monster the fled. Humans judgment based on appearance is shown yet again in the novel.

Isolation yet again played a key role in this novel. When the monster found Frankenstein how his life was from his point of view. He told victor how he learned to speak, read, and write. In the novel, biblical terms were used in the novel such as, Adam and Eve. When the monster felt lonely, he asked Victor to create him a wife. Victor agreed but later too back his word because he did not want the monster to create his own family. Victor had already gone against the law of nature once; he was not about to go against it again. Victor felt the shame of creating the monster yet again, therefore he was not going to make him a wife. This left the Monster to truly feel alone because he is the only one of his kind. The monster wanted a family like Victor had, hints the theme of family in the novel.

Being rejected by his master and society all played a strong role in the monster turning to the path of darkness. The monster can be compared to an abandoned child, hurt and lone. He was left questioning his self-worth causing him to grow a hatred towards humans, especially one towards his creator. Victor brought him into the world then left him to carry the weight on his own. This left him to want to inflict the same level of pain on victor. For example, the monster killed Frankenstein's brother William, best friend Henry Clerval, and bride Elizabeth, which lead to the death of his father. The monster kills Victor's family leaving him alone, which later caused him to chase the monster around till his own death. In a way in monster left Victor alone just like he did him. At the end both Victor and the monster were alone. Leaving one to think can one be born evil or pushed into being evil.

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