The Giver Utopia

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Some say perfection is the key to life, but not everyoner's perfect is the same. The Giver portrays Sameness as a utopian society, perfect world. It has removed war, prejudice, racism, and poverty. All things that we would like to extinguish from our known society. Because of this no one would feel incapacitate which is an improvement to the society we know of now, America.

In The Giver little to no one makes or is presented with choices. Everyone is given a job, spouse, kids, and rules based on specifically them. Everything is designated to them so no one can make the wrong choice. Jonas at first thought that they should be able make choices when he learned what choices could be made. But soon he came to the conclusion that it wouldn't be safe when said, What if they were allowed to choose their own mate? And chose wrong. (98) To back up his realization of how dangerous it would be. Because they weren't allowed to make choices no person had the stress of choosing, nor the anxiety of picking the right choice. For these reasons The Giver way of restricting choices is renovation to how we live.

Feelings are not relevant in the giver strictly because they are not necessary. In The Giver humans do not feel anything no fear, pain, hunger, illness, love, or hatred. They always feel neutral and ordinary. The Elders, government, hide all these feelings in memories in which are only contaminated by Jonas and the Giver. They did this so no one can be hurt by the feelings but they need the information incase something unusual could happen. So because they restrained the feelings everyone is bland with no emotions to drag them down on a daily basis. Jonas eventually learns about pain but is told he couldn't express them. He soon came to the reasoning that no one other than the past givers have felt what he is feeling when thought They have never known pain, he thought. This realization made him feel lonely , and he rubbed his throbbing leg. (110) So as Jonas had felt, feelings aren't always good. Imagine other people feeling the loneliness and pain as Jonas and we feel now. Consequently, people now end their own life because of these feelings just as how the Giver's daughter had. Because these feelings are completely avoided they live in comforting environment.

The Givers utopia has some flaws such as releasing and looks. The first deficiency is that they release,kills,the people when they mess up, or get old. At one point everyone is going to mess up and by removing the is not going to prevent someone else from accidentally messing up. So they should let someone learn from their mistakes rather that killing them. Also why would you speed up someone's death instead of letting them live a longer life. What's really wrong with an old person they haven't done anything wrong but grow up, itr's normal. Another thing they need to improve is that everyone looks the same. Everyone has the same skin color, hair and eyes, with an exception of a few. Covering up it is not solving anything, it's useless. Not everyone features are the same so embrace it. Yes different skin color can cause racism but with all the respect they have that is easily solved. It's not causing harm to anyone.

Due to all these improvements of America the giver creates a safe environment. A utopia is almost impossible to achieve but we could try and get close by improving ourselves. We could set peace and respect each other. Then we could try to protect and not hurt each other mentally and physically. And last but not least we could help each other through all the hard times. Little changes will get us closer to a perfect society we want.

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