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Tragedy And Horror Of Rwandan Genocide

 The Rwandan Genocide was a tragic event that happened in April 1994 to July 1994. The genocide took place in the Rwandan Civil War, a conflict beginning in 1990 between the Hutu and the Tutsis people. The genocide made many problems for the world, it has many lasting effects on the world and Rwanda. The […]

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Causes Of The Armenian Genocide

On April 24, 1915, Ottoman authorities rounded up, arrested, and deported between 235 and 270 Armenian community leader and scholars from Constantinople, the majority of whom were eventually killed. The genocide was carried out throughout World War I in two phases the killing of the able-bodied men through massacre and forced labor, and then the […]

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Colonization of Rwanda    

Colonization of Rwanda         The Hutus and Tutsis have had a long history of being separate and unequal. It started with Rwanda being given to the Belgian Kingdom by the League of Nations. From the very beginning, the Belgians favored the Tutsi and used a sort of class system to identify between the Hutu and Tutsi. […]

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A Brutal Event Of The Greek Genocide

The Greek Genocide Genocide or ethnic cleansing means to wipe out or try to wipe out a whole race or religion. Genocide has only been a word since 1948. Genocide means, Geno meaning race, tribe, or religion and Cide being the Latin for killing. Everyone should know about the Holocaust caused by Adolf Hitler. But […]

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Impact Of Genocide On Rwandan Families

The Rwandan genocide of 1994, members of the Hutu ethnic majority in east-central African nation of Rwanda murdered 800,000 people,Most of them were Tutsi minority. The Rwandan Genocide was a mass slaughter of Tutsi in Rwanda during the Rwandan Civil War which had a big impact. This act could have been prevented if the president […]

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Reality Of The Rwandan Genocide

The Rwandan genocide began in April of 1994 and left around 800,000 civilians, largely of the Tutsi ethnic group, slaughtered in a mere 100 days. Ethnic tensions between the Hutus and the Tutsis began in the early 20th century when Tutsis were put in roles of power and responsibility by the Germans, their first colonizers. […]

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Genocide Of American Indians

Abstract This research paper is about the destruction of American Indians was one of the most massive acts of genocide in the U.S. I found numerous research studies that described the situation. The population had been reduced to 2.4% of the original numbers, and 98% of the aboriginal land base had been expropriated. I think […]

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Resistance’s Role In The Rwandan Genocide

Resistance’s Role in the Rwandan Genocide First sentence? “Exactly fifty years after the discovery of the Nazi death camps, the world witnessed genocide in Rwanda” (Hintjens 241). The Hutu majority carried out a systematic campaign; its goal was the complete extermination of the Tutsis. While the genocide ended before the last Tutsi survivors could be […]

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Reasons Of Rwandan Genocide

The Rwandan Genocide         The Rwandan Genocide took place in 1994. It was a sort of war, mainly between the Hutu and Tutsi tribes of Rwanda. There was also a third tribe, the Twa, but they did not have much of an effect on the war because they made up a very small part of […]

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Rwanda: What Generated The Genocide

Rwanda: What Generated The Genocide The 1994 Rwandan genocide can be characterized by one hundred days of pervasive murders that resulted in the deaths of almost one million men, women, and children. At the root of this atrocious tragedy, sits the divisions between two very similar groups that were driven farther apart by colonialism. What […]

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My Reflection About Holocaust

During the Holocaust, around six million individuals, the majority being Jewish, were exterminated by the Nazis. Jews that were located across Germany, and the parts of Europe that were occupied by the Nazi regime and all gathered up and sent to death camps where they would then be forced into slave labor, and staved. Those […]

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My Attitude To The Rwandan Genocide

The Rwandan genocide was one of the most savage, brutal, and barbaric moments in human history, as well as the quickest killing spree to date. Within two weeks, an estimated 100,000 Rwandans had been killed, then, a few weeks later, 200,000 more. Over the course of 100 days, at least 800,000 Tutsis and Hutus were […]

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Rwandan Genocide As A Civil War

According to the articles of the United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, genocide refers to violent crimes committed with the intention of destroying, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial, or religious group. This can be done through not just the killing of the members of […]

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My Reflection On Book About Genocide

The author of this book, James Waller, is a professor of holocaust and genocide studies at Keene State College in Keene, New Hampshire. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Asbury University, his Masters of Science at the University of Colorado, and finally earned his Ph.D. in social psychology from the University of Kentucky. […]

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Genocide And Its Connection To Colonialism

Throughout history, Genocides and Crimes against Humanity have overpowered and destroyed groups of people. These groups had very few chances to fight back, as they were outnumbered and not prepared for the harsh realities they were facing. It hurt not only the population in the sense of numbers, but it created conflict and loss of […]

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An Issue Of Greek Genocide

 The Turkish nationalist movement was a revolutionary reform group that centralized its existence on eradicating the regime of the infamous Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid ll. The Turk’s movement premise was to inaugurate a government that was just and constitutional, and to dethrone Abdulhamid once and for all. The goal became more transparent as time progressed, and […]

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Terrible Examples Of Genocide

In this picture the people of Darfur are asking for help from international forces as they need safety and protection.We are able to see the distress and worry on their faces which appeals to our emotions. Luckily The U.S. and UN came to the rescue and built camps in Thailand for those who needed a […]

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Together Against Genocide

Together against Genocide         In 2003 300,000 people were brutally murdered in the Darfur province. Eight years before the tragedy of Darfur another genocide took place in Bosnia, and just one year before that 800,000 were killed in Rwanda. These are just some of the most recent examples of mass killings in history. The human […]

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Eight Stages Of Genocide

The term genocide was first introduced by Raphael Lemkin to first describe the Holocaust (US Holocaust Memorial Museum). He stated that by By genocide, we mean the destruction of a nation of an ethnic group (US Holocaust Memorial Museum). There are eight stages of genocide which are predictable but not inevitable (Stanton). During each of […]

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A History Of Tutsi People

The first stage of early warning signs, classification, is one easy to justify and dismiss. In this stage, groups of people are classified by nationality, ethnicity, race, or religion. This provides an almost built-in conflict by dividing the society and creating tensions between the groups. Doing so creates an us versus them mentality as the […]

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A History Of Rwandan Genocide

Genocides date back to 149 BC when the first recorded genocide took place in Carthage. Genocides target a group of people that may share the same race, religion, nationality or common grounds. The most known genocide of the 20th century is the Holocaust that occurred in 1934 when Adolf Hitler became the dictator of Germany. […]

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Causes of the Rwandan Genocide

Causes of the Rwandan Genocide In April 1994, a terrible time for the country of Rwanda only got worse; the Hutu tribe which inhabited a large portion of Eastern Rwanda started a mass killing of many Rwandans, most of them being of the Tutsi ethnicity, a minority group in Rwanda. Sparked by Hutu nationalists in […]

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The Guatemalan Genocide

The Mayan community, left in ruins after a catastrophe that left scars physically and mentally, are still struggling to recover from what can only be described as a nightmare in real life. The Guatemalan Civil War, a controversy between the Mayans and the Government, was an injustice due to discrimination in the government system. There […]

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Genocide and The Communist Revolution in Cuba

 Imagine if the Constitution of the United States was erased from existence. If it were, we would be at risk of government officials breaking laws that protect our freedoms and human rights. Instead of democracy, elected leaders, and checks and balances, there would be dictators, anarchy, revolt and genocide. Genocide is a term used to […]

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Report On Cambodian Genocide

Modern World History Cambodian Genocide Report Dead bodies are on the ground everywhere that you turn. The smell of filth and death choke your lungs as you wonder if tomorrow will be a better day. All your body feels is pain and emptiness. One might think this is how life was like for the Tutsis […]

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Incarceration Rate In The United States

With the United States having a higher prison incarceration rate than the countries we considered autocratic such as Iran, China and Germany one would hope that the War on Drugs implemented in the 1970s would soon come to an end, again one would hope. From the unjust use of prisoners set to help the community […]

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A Horror Of The Holocaust

As a fourteen-year-old, killing is never on your mind. The only thing you think of is a happy life, going to school, and becoming someone someday (Nishimwe 153). This is a quote from Consolee Nishimwe, a survivor of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide. Jack Beaudoin defines genocide as The systematic killing of a social, political, cultural, […]

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Mass Genocide Disguised As A Right To Choose

What is controversy? Without looking at a dictionary, I, by heart, can honestly define it as having many sides or taking a stance on something with more than one stance without being sympathetic to the other side or not taking the other sides arguments into account. Political correctness for instance is controversial, although not the […]

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Horror Of Rwandan Genocide

Rwandan Genocide Genocide is any act of violence that is committed intentionally aiming to kill and destroy the existence of a specific group of people whether whole or partial. It is the most unwanted world we have in English dictionary. I do not feel okay pronouncing it because I know it is the term that […]

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