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Essay About Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler, in the eyes of most people, was the cruelest and sickest man of all time. He hurt and tortured millions of people for no reason other than their ethnicity. However, was there a good outcome from his outrage and monstrosity of political rule? Adolf Hitler was a political leader who changed the world by tearing the world to pieces which allowed for other countries to rebuild into better and stronger governments and countries.

Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889, to Alois Hitler and Klara Polzl. Hitler was a German dictator politician for the Nazi party. He believed in the perfect society which in his eyes meant if you didn’t have blonde hair and blue eyes you deserved to be put to death. Hitler hated the Jewish community the most. He would go on to build concentration camps to keep the Jewish people where he would have his troops torture them by burning them or several other punishments. This was known as the holocaust and it would last for four years. Hitler would soon go on to commit suicide at the age of forty-six less than 2 days after marrying his wife Eva Braun and ten days after his birthday ( Editors).

To begin with, The Holocaust happened about eighty-seven years ago. It is one of the most hurtful and disgusting events in recent history. Millions of people were killed for their beliefs and race. All because of one man who believed in a perfect society. This man’s name is Adolf Hitler commonly known just by his last name. No one knows the exact reason Hitler hated the jews so much, but everyone believes the reason is that he thought that the Jews were an inferior race and that they were a threat to the German community. Jewish men and women would constantly fight for their lives. They would have to walk the streets with a David’s Star on their clothing. Basically stamping them as property. During World War II Hitler would begin what’s known as The Holocaust. Hitler began to build mass killing centers in the middle of concentration camps. There would be pits that the Jewish men and women would live in. They would live in utter filth. Human-sized furnaces were built for Jews to be burned. All of this chaos would last for a solid twelve years from 1933-1945 (Lukacs).

Next, Hitler changed the course of Germany forever. Politically and economically he changed a lot of different things. When he rose to power he wanted Germany to have the best economy in the world. He wanted all of everyone else’s land for his own, and all of the resources that came with it. At the time that Hitler came to power over Germany, its government had a very weak military because of how poor they were and had very hostile countries nearest to them which were Poland, and France. Hitler would soon begin to lie to these other countries and claim peace with them while in the background he had begun to build an army and improve his military. Once Hitler was fully in power he passed the Nuremberg Laws which deprived the Jews of gaining German citizenship which hurt the German economy because at the time there were millions of Jewish men, women, and children coming in and selling goods and other valuable items. Hitler would pretty much begin to destroy his community and his country and build his government. His plan was to do this with every country and take over the world ( Editors).

Furthermore, Hitler had not only planned on taking Germany over in his rule but the whole world. Hitler invaded many countries while he was in power trying to spread his domination everywhere. Hitlers one goal from what he said was to spread anti-communism he wanted to help the German government in fighting Marxism. Smaller and less economically advantaged countries were forced to surrender before the war broke out like Czechoslovakia. Hitler would soon invade larger countries during warlike Poland and parts of western France. Hitler would also invade Norway in May of 1940. Poland, Germany, France, and Norway have some of the best notional debts these days because of how Hitler used all of these countries’ money for his government and military ( Editors).

Soon after, Hitler would begin to change a lot of things about the borders and military enforcement in surrounding countries around the world. Fifteen years after the war had ended Britain, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands lost their empires. Many of these European nations were beginning to take over the world. By the end of the war, they had lost almost everything that they were building to do this with like wealth, power and simply just will. After the war had ended Europe was faced with the reality of having to rebuild buildings and remake pretty much its entire self. Nobody wanted to rule at this point because they were too exhausted from all of Hitler’s mess. All of this caused Europe to lose its recklessness which was a great thing for other countries like America, Canada, and Mexico who did not have as much peace with European countries at the time from all of the wars going on. It pretty much gave every government a cool down and caused everyone to relax for a while (Friedman).

Finally, Hitler wouldn’t have been able to do any of the things that he did had it not been for politics. Back in the late 1920s and early 1930’s politics in the European region were very unstable. This allowed for it to be easier for the Nazi party to come to fruition. They were able to create and take over with ease. This wasn’t a good thing obviously because it led to the deaths of millions and millions of people. To prevent any of this all from happening again countries around the world began to focus more on politics and stabilizing them to fit right with the world and to keep the peace (The Nazi Rise to Power).

Adolf Hitler, who was born on April Twentieth, 1889 lived in Austria, Germany where he would become chancellor of Germany and leader of the Nazi party. When he became elected to rule Germany his plan was to spread anti-communism and get rid of marxism. He also believed that the Jewish people were an alien threat to the German people and would have mass killing centers built into concentration camps in nearby Poland. He also changed the way that Europeans and other countries handle their governments and check their security in case of another “Hitler.” Adolf committed suicide by gunpoint at the age of fifty-six on April thirtieth, 1945 exactly 10 days after his birthday and less than 2 days after marring his wife Eva Braun ( Editors).

Adolf Hitler was a very cruel person, he killed millions of people, he destroyed many countries, and started wars that didn’t really have a reason to be started in the first way. Even though Adolf Hitler did nothing but bad in this world a lot of good came out of what he did do. Without Hitler our country and other European countries wouldn’t be as secure as they are now. We wouldn’t have the Commonwealth Heads of Government’s Meeting, where all of the presidents, prime rulers, kings and queens, and other country leaders have a meeting and come to peace for one day. None of these things would be possible with what Hitler did. Even if good came out of it dont be the next Adolf Hitler.

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