Essays on Holocaust

One of the most important event that has ever occurred in history is, ‘The Holocaust.’ It was also known as the ‘Final Solution to The Jewish Questions, and the ‘Shoah.’ In Greek, Holocaust means ‘sacrifice by fire.’ The Holocaust was a massive genocide that mainly targeted Jews during World War Two. The Holocaust was started by Adolf Hitler. Around 6 million Jews, including children, died. The Jews died in Concentration Camps, Extermination Camps, Cattle Wagons, and Gas Chambers. Some of the Jews were tricked into entering the gas chambers. Those who were considered ‘abnormal’ or went against Hitler were also killed. The Holocaust began in 1933 and ended in 1945. Why was the Holocaust important and why did it leave a ‘mark’ in history? Well, in this essay I’m going to explain the importance of the Holocaust, why it happened, and what if it didn’t happen. There is not a definite answer to why 6 million Jews were killed. Some say the Holocaust happened because the Nazis believed it was the right thing to do because the Jews were ‘low and evil.’ Hitler and the Nazis also blamed the Jews for all the social and economic problems in Germany. For example, Hitler blamed them for the losing of World War One and the Economic Crisis. The Nazis wanted their race to be ‘perfect,’ and free/clean from any abnormalities. The concentration camps are where most of the Jews died. The largest concentration camp was Auschwitz.

The Nuremburg laws (Reich Citizenship Law and the Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honor) that were placed, also prevented the Jews from having any rights. The Holocaust could’ve been prevented if enough people stood up for the Jews. If the Holocaust hadn’t had happened the Jews would still be ‘low and evil’ and have less power/status than they have today. There wouldn’t be any concentration camps and the death marches wouldn’t happen. The Germans also wouldn’t be looked down upon. The would probably be no World War 2 There would be a lot more Jews, and one of those Jews that died could’ve made the world a different place. Hitler would also probably would’ve gained more power, and someone would still have to end up defeating him. But because of the Holocaust, genocide was unacceptable instead of a normal part of warfare. Israel probably wouldn’t exist either if the Holocaust had not happened.

The Jews were also unable to defend themselves, for they had no weapons, rights, and help from others. We learn about the Holocaust today because it helps people understand the past, prejudice, racism, and stereotyping. The Holocaust also shows that something bad could’ve been prevented if someone spoke up instead of being a bystander. The Holocaust demonstrates that one person shouldn’t have too much power(Hitler), and that the people should also have power. George Santayana also said, ‘those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.’It’s important to know about the Holocaust so that you avoid making the same mistakes again. In conclusion, it’s important to know about the Holocaust and why it happened, so that it doesn’t happen again. It helps people understand that racism is wrong. Even though the Holocaust is a terrible event it helped make the world a better place, and to tolerate people who have different beliefs. 

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