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Essay Introduction

When Adolf Hitler was appointed as chancellor on January 30th, 1933, the Nazi party didn’t hesitate twice to act upon their views. The Nazi party believed that the Germans and mainly the Aryan race were deemed superior and were strongly against Jews and didn’t fail to show their utter hatred for Jews. Although the Jews were hated by the Nazi party, they weren’t the only group neglected by the Nazi party, and they also despised Homosexuals, Africans, Gypsies, and the disabled. By acting upon their hatred, they started to keep Jews from working and even treated them with disgust, believing to be cleansing Germany from their “filth” of the Jews and those to be different. This caused the holocaust to start, which was basically a mass genocide against different ethnicities by mass killings, experimentation, and even gassing them, causing approximately 6 million casualties. Holocaust is mainly derived from the Greek word “holocaust,” meaning “burnt sacrifice.” They mainly believed that they were ‘saviors’ of Germany and that they should exterminate people of different ethnicities.

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People of different views or religions were despised by the Nazi party. Antisemitism was one of the main views, and this was based on Hitler’s hatred developing after WWI, basically believing that Jews and Communists were the main reason for Germany’s downfall and that Jews were considered a mortal threat to the country’s safety. Also, the disabled were deemed to be useless, meaning that the Nazi party worked on the survival of the “fittest,” thus killing them all. The African Race, of course, were treated no differently because they didn’t follow the stereotype of the Aryan Race, thus killing them. Even though people who were seen as ‘different’ were doomed by the Nazis, not everyone was really safe from the Nazis because if one doesn’t also follow their views and ideals, they will follow the same path, such as homosexuals in which they were sexually experimented on and then killed eventually and also the Slavs and Asians were treated to be unworthy of living. Also, there were the Gypsies that were located in the ghetto, like the Litzmannstadt located in Łódź, Warschauer in Warsaw, and also Theresienstadt in Terezín.

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The genocide of the Jews and other ethnic groups didn’t start immediately, but it rather evolved over time. It started by encouraging them to emigrate from Germany to other countries and then escalated to spontaneous killing until it became a huge massacre. To justify their actions, the Nazi party proposed the “Nuremberg Laws,” which is an antisemitic law that states that the Jews were basically stripped from all their rights as human beings should, like their Reich citizenship. Also prohibits them from being in a relationship with a “German,” as if the Jews are filthy or dirty of some sort, and basically anyone with “Jewish blood was acted upon even if they don’t have the religion. Those laws were acted upon on September 15th, 1935.

Thesis Statement for Holocaust

Two or three years after the Nuremberg, they started to ‘Aryanize’ the Jewish property by selling them to rightful ‘owners’ at a certain price stated by the Nazis, meaning that they had no rights to own any property as said they were being stripped of all their rights. On the night of November 9th, 1938 the brutality of the Nazis acted against the Jews in the Reich with the Germans burning over 250 synagogues (Jewish worshiping temples), 7,000 Jewish businesses were looted, massacred hundreds of Jewish people, and then Jewish schools, cemeteries, and even hospitals were trashed. The Act was known as ‘Kristallnacht’ or Night of the broken glass. The next day more than 350,000 men and women were arrested for the reason of being ‘Jewish’ and sent to concentration camps, and life became even worse for the Jews.

Titles: The Unforgivable Horror of Concentration and Extermination Camps

Most of those camps were allocated in Poland, mainly the east. There were different types of camps that held those in captivity, like the concentration camps (for traitors of the Reich and this means all Jews, they were forced there with no trial), force-labored camps (they were forced into labor for the sake of covering economic shortages), and most importantly Extermination camps (in which from is apparent to create mass killings and also unethical human experimentation for medical curiosity). They were all concentration camps, but some were made for the reason of extermination, starting from Chełmno ( December 1941) in Łódź to exterminate the Jews and the ghetto there, and then it expanded over Poland after the Wansee conference making more camps like Bełżec, Sobibór, Majdanek, Stutthof, and Treblinka extermination camps (all based from 1942-1944), but the most brutal and violent of them all is Auschwitz-Birkenau and is basically composed of all three types of camps thus gaining popularity for being known as one of the most brutal camps in Poland from the number of casualties and how they were killed.

Living and Dying in the Camps

In those camps, people were considered slaves and lived every day, knowing it may be their last, by watching friends and loved ones die right before their eyes. Getting violently murdered isn’t just by being shot or stabbed, but it would be considered way better than being gassed in gas chambers or carbon monoxide, given little to no food to be experimented on to see how long a person could hold on without dying malnutrition and dies apparently. Also, by experimenting with them, they would go on a whole new level of being unethical minor of them would be removing organs from one to see how long he could live until they die to the major of getting identical twins and seeing them up together to be able to know if they could live and also with the homosexuals they would kind of sexually molest them to ‘test’ their sexuality and of course from the amount of gore and explicit information of the way this was cause it would be unethical to even mention. Also, they would force the captives to dig their own graves for them to be buried in the end, causing mass graves full of millions of casualties dying from the unfair treatment of the Nazis, treating them like they’re their gods and that they basically control their lives because they don’t follow their stereotypical views.

And if one doesn’t surrender to their ultimate death, they would live in horrendous conditions of contaminated water and even forcing them to drink seawater sometimes, limited to no food at all for days, and overcrowded areas where they’re all forced to stay in a small area causing them to be prone to diseases, and were of course forced into labor for a minimum of 11 hours a day meaning they get minimum amount to no sleep at all.


In the end, fortunately, justice was redeemed, meaning that all the captives were finally released in 1945 after the Nazis were defeated in WWII and they were overthrown. Basically, they started to flee from the country because of the revenge that those in captivity and others acted upon. This means that the Nazis started to get massacred, and even Adolf Hitler was said to have committed suicide even though his body was never found because of this. There’s a popular conspiracy theory that he fled the country and made up the suicidal story to run away from his doomed end like his fellow political party colleagues.

In both cases, this proves how all of them were considered cowards. Also, by the Jews being released, they were given their right again to redeem their normal lives again even though they suffered from the chaotic atrocities that they faced, but to every dark tunnel, there is a light in the shining for a new beginning given those who suffered a new life and may those who have perished to justice from those whom have caused them their pain and made them fall into their unfortunate demise. May all those souls lost to such horrific atrocities Rest In Peace.

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