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Violance in Salem Village

February 1692 in a small township in Massachusetts events began that would change the life of 200 and end the life of 19. The witch trials of Salem were not the first, witch persecution has taken place for hundreds of years going back to the 1300r’s in Europe and continued until the last known execution […]

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A Play about the Salem Witch Trials

The Salem Witch Trials was brought to life in the play, The Crucible by Arthur Miller, first taking light in broadway in 1953. The main focus on this play was to highlight the Salem Witch Trials to the best of his or anyoner’s ability considering the actual event happened over a hundred years before the […]

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Salem Witch Trials Ergot Poisoning

In the year of 1692 there was a series of hearings and indictments for the people who were accused of practicing witchcraft in colonial Massachusetts. It all began with a group of teenage girls meeting in the home of Samuel Parris to listen to the voodoo-like tails and tricks from the familyr’s slave, Tituba. After […]

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Speech Analysis Pearl Harbor Address to the Nation by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt

The Pearl Harbor Address to the Nation was an impacting speech that affected the course of the world’s history. This speech to the members of the Senate and the House of Representatives was a striking response towards the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese Empire. President Roosevelt had been a senator in the New […]

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The Role of Women in Man’s Downfall in Gilgamesh and the Hebrew Bible

Women have often been portrayed as a weakness for the male gender in various societies. The female theatrics and lies have been the source of the downfall for many men, as they have been depicted in ancient epics and Biblical stories. For instance, the Holy Scripture in the book of Genesis describes Eve, the first […]

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Senator William Alden Smith

Senator William Alden Smith led an investigation lasting from April 19 to May 25, 1912. During this investigation, more than 80 people were interviewed and the United States and Britain were questioned. One witness in the United States inquiry was Second Officer Charles Lightoller. On the stand Lightoller defended Captain Smith’s refusal to slow down […]

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The Titanic was a Marvelous Feat

The Titanic was a marvelous feat of engineering, an unsinkable way to america, so why did it sink? The answer lies in the hearts of men who refused to listen to the warning calls. The number of casualties could have decreased as well by putting more lifeboats. Overall, there were multiple factors in the sinking […]

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By Limiting the Number of Lifeboats

April 14th, 1912, a day that will be remembered throughout history, the day The Titanic sank. The appalling event that led to the fatal deaths of thousands of people is still a triggering occurrence that still effects society today. Although this event attracted a lot of controversy within several theories about who is at fault […]

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The Titanic Will Always Hold Significance

The Titanic will always hold significance for generations to come. The Titanic was designed to take passengers from England, France, and Ireland to North America. Unfortunately she never made it to shore. What caused the Titanic to sink down to her grave at the bottom of the North Atlantic? Could it have been from the […]

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Role of Osama and Al-Qaeda in 9/11

The passengers of American Airlines flights 11 and 77, and United Airlines flights 93 and 175 probably thought that their morning flight would be ordinary, but they were entirely wrong. They were unaware of the 19 terrorists on those four flights, who were planning to hijack the planes and crash into specific locations. This event […]

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How 9/11 Bombing Afeected on my Life

Many people believe that the past is the past and we have no connection to history. However, many historical events affect our lives daily whether we realize it or not. History can also help us determine who we are based on our ancestors and their experiences. The 9/11 bombing is an event that has personally […]

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9/11 Catastrophe in USA

The event of 9/11 is a point in American history where we can point to as a change in America’s stance on international, national, and individual security. The basic definition of security is the state of being free from danger or threat. As a nation, this concept was put into question with the attack on […]

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The Gulf War Civil Relations

HOW WELL DID THE US BALANCE MILITARY AND POLITICAL FACTORS DURING THE GULF WAR??         The framers of the US Constitution had the forethought to create balance and ensure that the Military is subordinate to its Civilian leadership.  Forethought balanced with experience, the former colonists sought to avoid the European model where the King controlled […]

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Tragedies in Hirosima

TRAGEDIES IN HIROSHIMA: HOW THE JAPANESE OVERCAME THE MASSIVE ATOMIC BOMB DROPPING. OVERVIEW Why did the United States bomb Japan? World War 2 the Japanese sided with the Germans, who were trying to kill all of the Jews and other minorities who would ruin their idea of a “perfect race” On December 7, 1941, the […]

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The Biggest Ship

Even though the Titanic was considered the biggest ship in the world during its time, there are cruise ships sailing the oceans twice the Titanic’s size in today’s world. It was also called the Unsinkable referring that the ship was not able to sink in any circumstance. Unfortunately it did. The Titan is how the […]

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Rms Titanic was a British Passenger Liner

RMS Titanic was a British passenger liner on the largest ship of her time. She sank in the North Atlantic ocean in the early hours of April 15, 1912, after colliding with an iceberg during her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York City. Over one thousand five hundred people died in one of the […]

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Titanic Sank

“Deeply regret advise you TITANIC sank this morning after collision with iceberg, resulting in serious loss of life. Full particulars later.” -J. Bruce Ismay, Director of the White Star Line The Titanic was a luxury cruise liner with a disastrous fate. It set sail on the 10th of April, 1912. No one could have predicted […]

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The Genocide of Native Americans

 At the time of Spanish colonization in the late 1700s, California was home to more than 300,000 Native Americans. There were more than 200 tribes. But, after the Mexican-American war in 1848, the state of California became a property of the US, gold was discovered near Sutter’s Mill in 1848 and created a new era […]

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Was the Atomic Bomb a Solution?

Without the atomic bomb, Japan would have won and completely destroyed the United States during World War II. The world as we know it today would cease to exist, and would be unquestionably much different.  Americans created the atomic bomb with the intention to destroy; choosing not to use it would have been a waste […]

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Ancient Aztec Religion

Introduction This research paper will explore the Aztecs geography, politics, social structure (socio-economics), economy, religion, and inventions/contributions. The Aztecs were mostly practicing human sacrifice. As a result of them doing human sacrifice they were always on the move and getting kicked out of places. Until they found Tenochtitlan, the new aztec empire. Geography During the […]

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What is the Significance of the Korean War?

I chose to write about the Korean War for many reasons. First off war and the effect of the war has always interested me because every war affects still felt to this day. It is also intriguing because as I said earlier all wars have an effect but this war’s effect is still very prominent […]

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Fulvia: Ancient Rome’s Femme Fatale

Fulvia, most commonly known as the wife of M. Antonius, is well-known among scholars and ancient writers, but is not known for having a respectable reputation. She has been considered a prominent political figure for her time. For a woman to assert herself into a man’s world was unconventional and shown in a negative light. […]

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The Rwandan Genocide: Heartbreaking and Mournful Event

Rwandan Genocide  The Rwandan Genocide was a very heartbreaking and mournful event in history, which left thousands of people devastated.  As stated on United to End Genocide, “The Rwandan genocide is one of the heaviest moments in human history.  An airplane crash in 1994 carrying the presidents of Rwanda and Burundi provided a spark for […]

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Genocide, Racial Science and Human Experimentation

Genocide, Racial Science, and Human Experimentation in the 19th and 20th Century Human beings inherit various genes from their predecessors, an occurrence that determines their physical and academic skills, health, among other traits. During the 19th and 20th century, medicine and biomedical research focused on human experimentation in an attempt to adjust the genetic qualities […]

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How the Rwandan Genocide Affected on People

 A genocide is the mass murder of a large group of people and or a specific ethnic group or nation. In 1994, April through July, a genocide took place in Rwanda. Roughly 800,000 Rwandan people were massacred in just 100 days. This devastating event sparked after the Rwandan President’s plane was taken down, killing President […]

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The Struggle to Identify with Genocide

In Art Spiegelman’s graphic novel Maus, Art spends the entire novel explaining his father Vladek’s experience during the Holocaust. The novel itself was very eye opening and at times difficult to read due to its themes. Maus dealt with topics that revolved around genocide, discrimination, mental health, and family conflict. All these themes managed to […]

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The Bosnian Genocide

The Bosnian Genocide The term Genocide may just be another term in the dictionary but the weight of the meaning of the term is tremendous. The term ‘Genocide’ was first spotted in the book ‘Axis Rule’ authored by a Polish Lawyer named Raphael Lemkin in the year 1944. ‘Genos’ means ‘Race or tribe’ and ‘cide’ […]

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The Europeans Discovery of the Americas

The Europeans discovery of the Americas was the catalyst for global integration and the beginning of the Columbian Exchange between the old and new worlds. When the Europeans arrived in the western hemisphere they brought with them crops like wheat, rice, bananas, sugar, and wine grapes. Europeans also brought several different types of animals to […]

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The Columbian Exchange Refers

The Columbian Exchange refers to a period of cultural and biological exchanges between the New and Old Worlds. Exchanges of plants, animals, diseases and technology transformed European and Native American ways of life. After Christopher Columbus’ arrival in the Americas, the animal, plant, and bacterial life of these two worlds began to mix. By reuniting […]

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Growing up in a Big World

Growing up in a big world not knowing how we have the things we do now and where they had come from or how was the environment before and after. As we look back, in the 15 and 16 century many explorers wanted to venture out in hopes to find wealth and undiscovered land, such […]

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