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Impact of the Crusades

The Crusades and their military campaigns to the Middle East left a significant mark on all lives in Middle East. During all major seven Crusades, the target was the Holy Land, Jerusalem, which was the homeland of Jesus Christ and the origin of the Christianity. The Crusades were headed by many famous leaders such as […]

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Fight for the Land between Christians and the Crusaders

 Between the Mongol Conquests and the Crusades, Europe was affected drastically with each expedition. The Mongol Conquests, while permanently altering life and health in most of Asia, left an almost dark shadow over the continent. The Crusades brought a little glimmer of hope to the people of Jerusalem and in the long term, changed the […]

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Historical Overview of the Crusades

Not to be deterred, Pope Innocent III called for another crusade to Egypt in 1213. It was believed that the Christians couldn’t hold Jerusalem until Egypt was captured. The pope died before the Fifth Crusade departed in 1217, without proper leadership. King John Lackland of England and Frederick II of Germany never actually went on […]

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Historical People and Events

Joan of Arc Joan of Arc is a national heroine of France honored and respected by everyone. She was an illiterate peasant girl who rose to the ranks of leading French armies to victory against England until her capture when she was only 19 years old. She was executed as a heretic in a politically […]

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Crusades: the most Significant Religious Wars

Deus le volt! or God wills it!, the phrase that soon became the battle cry of the Crusades and represented an almost 200 year (1095-1291) series of multiple religious wars. There were a total of nine crusades, but the first four made the largest impact. The crusades started as an attempt to stop Muslim raid, […]

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The Background of the Crusades

The Crusades were multiple series of military missions, which were planned and organized by the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope. The time period for most of the Crusades was through 11 to 13 A.D. Muslims had taken over Christian lands and the whole mission of the Pope to send out the Crusades were to […]

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Myths of the Crusades

Dr. Crawford argues that crusades were always perceived as disgraceful violent episodes through which Western forces killed the peace-loving Muslims unprovoked. Dr. Crawford asserts that this view is common in the western world today as evident in presidential speeches and role-playing games. However, Dr. Crawford believes that everyone’s knowledge of crusade is, in fact, untrue. […]

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The Crusades: a Page in World’s History

The Crusades were multiple religious holy wars between the Christians and Muslims. To understand more of the Crusades you need to understand the religious background of it first. There were three major religions during the time of The Crusades which were Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Judaism is the oldest of the three religions, origins dating […]

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Why Crusades Failed?

 The First Crusade was during a transitional time in Western Europe. It was during a period where religion was an important construct for many people, but it was also during a time where people were starting to seek knowledge with the establishment of the first universities. In contrast, the Fourth and Fifth crusades were during […]

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Review of the Book the First Crusaders

This paper will discuss how Jonathan Riley-Smith’s book The First Crusaders 1095-1131 evidences a different reasoning for the time and cause of the First Crusade. In high school, the brief mention our instructor gave of The Crusades we were taught that it was either for financial gain or for the expanding of a Noble’s lands. […]

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The Crusades and the Spread of Christianity

The Crusades, starting in the Eleventh Century, were attempts by the Western Church to strip Europe of the newly developed and invading Muslims. Many Crusades had taken place over the centuries, including both a children’s and peasant’s crusade, in making an effort to keep the new religious threat at a distance. Many popes, kings, and […]

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Christian People at the First Crusades

The crusades were a time of glory, faith, brotherhood, and hope. But with the good comes the bad. Those were also times of bloodshed, cruelty, greed and dominance. Like any story there are different people with different interpretations of that same story. This was an interesting time because the crusades did not start just because […]

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Effects of the Crusades

The Crusades were a series of treks to the Middle East in an attempt to free the Holy Lands from Muslim control.  Although most of them were failures, they did stop the spread of Muslim control through all of Europe.  They also had a significant effect on the feudal system and the church.  These were […]

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What should you Know about Crusades

 History on Crusades         The Crusades was a strict military expedition, the main reason for this event was for the Christians to recapture the Holy Land from the Muslims who had control over it from the 11th century. This event was a product from the old medieval world that would eventually shape the fundamental way […]

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The History and Impact of the Crusades

Latin Christians had been among the first theologians, philosophers, and apologists for the Christian faith. They produced volumes of works on the then-budding faith long before it grew to be the world’s most popular religion. Muslims practice Islam religion and, during the time of the crusades, had been referred to as Moors. Muslims refer to […]

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The Crusades: a War of Defensive Reasons

By 1080, Europeans had heard of the losses of cities and mass executions of pilgrims that caused fear and anger.  It was now hard to ignore the creeping threat quickly approaching from Spain and Byzantium.   It took Pope Urban almost a year to gather men and soldiers to join him in the Crusade.   It was […]

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Main Ideas about the Crusades

The Crusades Part A1: A group of converted Islamic Muslims called the Turks united most of the Islamic lands. This group moved into the Middle East to take over these lands. They challenged the weaker Byzantine Empire. One group of Turks known as the Seljuk Turks battled against the Byzantine emperor in what was known […]

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Fulcher of Chartres and the Cristian Crusades

Pope Urban’s speech ignites the idea of uniting Christians to fight, he was smart and knew how to motivate. He knew how to gather a sizeable force and produced the idea should they fight for him in the name of God their sins would absolve. A lot of whom had signed up for the crusade […]

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The Crusades Relations

The Crusades were a lengthy and tiring battle fought between the Muslims and Christians. These crusades took place during the 11th to the 13th centuries. The crusades were sanctioned by the Papacy, the head of the Papacy known as the Pope. Several people have fought and several have fallen, the Christians only won due to […]

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Crusades and its Main Reasons

The main causes of Crusades could be looked at two perspectives. First, the development of Western Europe can be regarded as an external cause, including its church advocacy, the feudal system and the ignorant people. Second, the Byzantine decline could be considered as an internal cause, including its compromise and the divisions. As noted by […]

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Religion and the Crusades

The Beginning of the Crusades Turks from Central Asia began to challenge the Byzantine Empire in the 11th century. The sultans, their leaders, had the goal of acquiring more territory and being seen as a legitimate force in the Middle East. The Turks were seasoned mercenaries, highly skilled in battle and fiercely dedicated to Allah. […]

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Church and State in Italy during the Middle Ages Italy

Church and State in Italy during the middle ages! Church has always played a major part in Italian History. As Europe gradually emerged from the destruction of the Roman Empire, the church became one of the mainstays of civilisation. The disorganisation of the Holy Roman Empire, its ongoing dispute with the papacy over the extent […]

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