Essays on Malcolm X

Essay About Malcolm X

Malcolm X, one of the most potent activists in history. Advocated the separation of blacks and whites. Arrested for larceny and breaking and entering. He believed that blacks and whites should be separate, otherwise, African Americans could never achieve equality. He was the national minister to the nation of Islam. He also frequently made speeches about political and social injustices containing how African Americans are treated unfairly.

To start, Malcolm X, after being released from prison decided to join the nation of Islam. The Nation of Islam is an African American movement and organization, founded in 1930 and known for its teachings combining elements of traditional Islam with black nationalist ideas, in which Malcolm became the minister. Being a part of this group, Malcolm was against integration and the civil rights movement. He was a strong believer of what these people believed, believed in it so strongly he touched on the same topics over and over again in his speeches. Being sure to get his point across. Malcolm was a very unique character in the civil rights movement.

Furthermore, Malcolm X advocated the separation of blacks and whites. In one of X’s speeches, he states “we are denied human rights… we must come together against the common enemy.” Malcolm believed white people were tricking them with integration because everything they got would soon get run down and whites would abandon them. He wanted a separate society for African Americans so they no longer had to rely on white folk, much different than what other militants wanted.

Malcolm X often made speeches on the animosity people have for African Americans. X touches on the topic of hating themselves, implying the white man causes self hatred. X continues to claim that integration is just a trick, making it seem as if they’re equal when in reality, whites will just abandon these places as soon as African Americans get there. He seems to have a pattern in his speeches insisting the white folk is the common enemy, they should all come together against them, and they “shouldn’t have a house, it should catch on fire. Then burn down.”, Malcolm said.

In conclusion, Malcolm X was a very controversial aspect of the civil movement and was very passionate in what he believed in. I chose to do my project on Malcolm because he was different than the rest of the activists, he was a unique person, instead of wanting unity, he yearned to be separated and to be uninvolved with white people all together. Unlike other activists who wanted everyone to be together and happy. Died a legend, X was assassinated. 

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