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Chanel, the brand be famous about luxury in the world. The founder’s is Gabrielle Chanel. Chanel provides an extensive range of the products, including clothing, make up, and accessories, skin cares, perfume, etc(Siddique, August 2014). The fashion idea is very conspicuous, which lead to the brand developed rapidly. Why can Chanel become the most popular brand in past 100 years? Definitely because of her unique life experience, business philosophy and her design, also with a simple designed logo.

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“Survived from World War 2”

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First, as the founder of this brand, Chanel’s unique life experience is bound to bring a good influence to her brand in some way. This is pretty helpful to provide a condition to make the brand has become wide known. Gabrielle born in a low-income family. In order to support her own, she goes to singing like a pub singer. That is the place where she got the nickname “Coco”(Biography, April 2014). But her sense of self-respect won’t let her stop here. She is talent and passion, and learning sewing for several years. After a long time with her effort, she got enough financial support to explore the fashion stuffs and open her own store. She became more and more famous. Few years later, she survived from World War 2. In her last year, she also participates in making movies.

The second cause is her business philosophies and her design. She creates her fashion hat with economic support. She uses a lot of popular actors to attract people purchase her products (Siddique). The other measure is what Mr.Touze defined as the rare mould, which means to release a new type of perfume each decade (Siddique). What’s more, she is the first one who begins to make the masculine fashion participate in women’s daily normal clothes. This measure give a chance to set woman free from fussy complex dresses. She also adds some sailor pattern like the sailor stripes into her clothes which became very popular. The main design idea is to abandon the complicated and colorful textile material and let the minimalism to be the main design concept.

Moreover, the design of a logo is also the key to make brand success. Refer to the symbol of Chanel, there is no doubt that the double “C” is the most recognized fashion logo in today’s world. A good logo is clear and simple(Wiliams, page 43). We have to admit that simple logos are easier to remember, like IKEA or FedEx. But if there is too much change, however, customers may become confused or reject the change(Wiliams, page 48). So most of the world influential brand use as simple logo pattern as they can. For instance, Disney, Philips, and Google, these successful companies are all think over simple and easiest type design add in their logo(Mikhavchuk, May 23, 2018).

In conclusion, as you can see, the three reasons which mentioned in the above paragraphs are the main essential point that promote Chanel become successful.

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