Father Fighting during World War 2

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He used to do a lot of jogging and took an exercise class, but because of his age, it’s now something difficult to do.

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“Father Fighting during World War 2”

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Having been lucky in life because people have been able to help him. He has traveled with his wife, which was enjoyable seeing special places around the world. Doing a lot of walking always trying to learn new words each time while traveling.

Back when he was in college was during the Vietnam war, which was a bad time for this country. His plan was to join the navy like his father. Vietnam war was not good for the United States it was a tragic event so much death that went on around that time period. However, he did apply for a pilot but later turned it down it didn’t work out and he regrets turn in down because it could of been a great career.

There was a lot of moving because of his father being in the navy at the time while attending school he was transferred to twelve different schools and that confused him it affected his education. However, he was lucky to attend to all these schools, received great teachers, and meet many new friends.

His father was a very good man a person who was in the navy, a war hero, and a good example. The life of his father childhood was not the same as his because during his father childhood was rough his family being poor. He manage to learn how to read on his own and got a college degree by not giving up.

Having two daughters when they were born had numerous responsibilities to be a father in raising them the right way by making sure they attend college, so they can get a good education.

Seeing wars come and go, his father fighting during World War 2, people always getting killed it was horrifying a lot of tragedy in this country. Now, it’s a change, but it’s still not fair for the people of color such as blacks, Hispanics, Japanese, and Asians. There is a lot of discrimination he feels so sorry for those people whose lives were taken.

During his time in college computers were different to now, they were the size of a building and now there are laptops. At that time it was difficult because of the punch card in a big machine, but the system was hard and now it’s a big change and easier. However, he does not like today’s technology how teens are on their phone’s screen all the time instead of spending time with their families and the concern for their health. During family times he makes rules to put down the phones and wants them to hang out together, for two hours no one is allowed to go on their phone or the loser will have to wash the dishes.

The life he has today is good, very lucky in life, great children he had the opportunity to have different jobs he started his own business for twenty-five years and then became a teacher to get his kids through college and traveled which he accomplished. His future is lucky with his investments he can do anything with his family such as travel and see all the national parks. Plans to see his family in Illinois and a trip to Japan to see his daughter whose working there in the summer. Also, plans to go to Ireland. 

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