World War 2 Japan

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During the 20th Century, there have been devastating events which occurred across East Asia. Countries that have been hit by devastating blows have become successful in managing the success of the countries rate upward positively. Countries like Japan, South Korea, and China are the few countries in East Asia to be in a period of chaos and eventually overcoming the obstacles that have been thrown at them.

During World War 2, an atomic bomb was dropped in Japan which was headed straight towards a town named Hiroshima. This bomb would be first used and would prove to be deadly killing everything in its path. The cause of this attack would kill nearly one hundred thousand people almost whipping the cities whole population into extinction. A few days later another atomic bomb would be directed in Nagasaki which is another city in Japan. This wasn’t just an attack over cities but over a whole nation. Japan is aware that something happens every 70 years due to the natural causes therefore would prevent Japan from moving forward as a country. Japan now is not in the same state they were many years ago, as a country and has expanded as well as progressed upward. After, the events of World War 2 Japan would soon go on and look for various new ways to build a strong system and economy. Japan would later on become a top tier country to have a great economy. The country would go on to sell many quality products, produced and sold across the world. The system that Japan changed, lead the country to where it is today, from having a light manufacturing system into a heavy industry. This would turn the business to iron and steel having Japan selling cars and technology. Japans economy was identified as an export driven system which would mean that the economy was strictly based on how much products Japan would sell to other countries and get a return off of it. How has Japans rate in economy increased? Japan has one of the world’s best educational systems and is one of the most competitive compared to other countries. Starting off at a young age students are taught to be very competitive which forces them to be the best at what they do. As these students grow up they become perfect to the work force due to their competitiveness in which they have done their whole lives. Many workers want to make Japan better in every way possible from a community based to a company based. Due to this it has been Japans key to power in their economy. Japan receives a large portion of their economy due to trading with the United States of America.

South Korea was in a period of war on the 20th century. The country of Korea would be divided in half leaving the South of Korea ruled by capitalists and the North ruled by communists. Borders were put in between both countries as they would become enemies to one another. North Korea would lead an attack over South Korea and therefore start a war. North Korea would soon be claimed victor and capture a large portion of South Korea. South Korea would receive aid by multiple countries and after a series of events both the North and the South would come to an agreement to a peace treaty. During this time of war many civilians and soldiers were killed houses, towns, cities and properties were destroyed. Both South and North Korea had to rebuild themselves since everything was torn apart by this war. South Koreas didn’t have much industrial resources as North Korea did to offer but has slowly but surely developed to find its way into the market. South Korea stands to have one of the best economies in the world. Products that are made in South Korea can be seen used across the world and seem to not be going away anytime soon. Companies such as Samsung and Lg are produced in South Korea and are big in the world of technology as well as car brands such as Kia and Hyundai can be seen roaming around the world. How has South Korea developed so quickly in such little time? South Korea takes education seriously and is considered to have one of the best educational systems in the world. South Koreas products would also be shipped out to other countries quickly and safely which would increase the amount of trust and build partnerships with other countries. The main key to South Koreas development is due to the way the government has been set up. The country has a system named “state capitalism”. This would make a state in full control of its economy leading therefore would lead to production rates to go up in the country. South Koreas economy has also risen up quickly because of trading with the United States. 

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