Women’s Social and Political Union

Not to long ago women had no say so of what they wanted to do with their life. Even now as we speak some women still do not have freedom. Whether it be in their home, in politics or even in their workplace. Not many people no why this is and or was to case, but it won’t be that way for long.

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“Women’s Social and Political Union”

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Long ago when women gained the right to vote “fewer men and women were attuned to national political issues the increasingly were defined by special-interest groups and lobbies.” (Gustafson,2003). Women are very easy to underestimate because of their shape or size. However, this is here to tell you that just because men have more physical strength does not mean that women cannot be stronger or smart enough to overcome challenges. These women they look down on fought and are still fighting for their rights and how they should be treated in society.

There was an organization that was led by Emmeline Pankhurst called (wspu) women’s social and political union.in 1914 the wspu decided to support the world war 1 effort. This was surprising to many people that this women’s organization had a part in something that was greater then taking care of kids or cleaning the house before their husbands get home. The truth of the matter is that not all women still suffer from things of this sort for example Hillary Clinton had a chance in a million to run for president very recently. Although she did not make it the fact that she did it was a miracle in olden time because women would not even dream of it but only because they know they had no chance of even remotely trying to think about doing something other than house duties. (women’s rights movement,2014).

Women always had to have permission from their husbands to do things as stated “1839 – The first state (Mississippi) grants women the right to hold property in their own names – with permission from their husbands.” (mulligans.). This is just like another problem in society that we have about women working more and getting paid less than men. Now that women have the freedom to make their own choices in life, they could at least get paid what they are due. Most people feel that they’ve come so far as to make decisions for themselves, so they should be paid the same amount of payment as men according to the job tasks at hand. If anything, they should be paid more for the things they had to go through just to get to where they are now. (shah,2010).

Many people say women are to kind and can not be firm enough when it comes down too many different types of jobs such as being a doctor or lawyer. In better words they say women are too emotional to handle certain things that come with certain jobs due to their motherly tuitions. However, this is not the case it is just that men are better at hiding their emotions unlike women who are very up front with their emotions. They did a study on biases in the workplace and this was a very important one because it happens so often. The study show that women are worse at math then men. They know this because they gave them a test where they gave men candidates and women candidates math task to complete and the men did better than the women every time the task was completed. Although the women were lacking on the math task does not mean they are not good for much more to come. (jaffe,2014)

There were two major “waves of feminism” in history. the first one was growing out the anti-slavery movement and the second one was through activism for women. The list of things that women could not do is:

• not being able to get a credit card or loan out of their name

• they cannot have a legal job or government job

• take someone to trial for rape

• inherit things equal to men

• get the same amount of pay as men (johnson,2018) etc.

When people hear tis they think what if someone was raped and in need of justice, they would not get the chance to tell anyone their story of the tragedy they went through.

The only thing that most people find really odd is the fact that a woman was not considered to be a person “in the eyes of the law” in 1929.this is the most disturbing thing you could ever come by is someone not being considered a person because that makes someone fell as if they have no say so to the things they go through in life. in 1929 women had become people under the Canadian law. (molloy,2018). Women were not considered people so when they wanted to own property it had to be under their husband name until the 1922 law of property act. Even when people were called to serve on the jury women were not allowed until the sex disqualification (removal) act 1919.

Women were not allowed to open a bank account until 1975. (molloy,2018). this is a very high standard of financial discrimination. These are the reasons people should always be aware of what they have when they have it because they don’t know what to do when they lose what they have.they could not even work at the London stock exchange until the year of 1973.even when they would get abused they could not even make a court order or tell someone so they can help the wife get justice for the wrong that was done to them.that is not like this modern day and age when men and or women get justice for rape it is the total polar opposite they could not even report the rape because women were not considered to be people in the “eyes of the law.” (molloy,2018)

These are some of the many reason’s women had little to no rights. however, this is not surprising considering the fact no one thought of women or considered women to be listed as people. now people know that women were not really treated as they were supposed to be in the olden ages. when people read this, they should wonder how a woman in the olden ages must have felt. this is an old time issue that must be heard about. 

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