Soldiers in World War 2

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Saul Torres SGM John N. Gissel Military 1 (1-1) 28 January 2019 Audie Murphy Audie Murphy full name was, Audie Leon Murphy he was born June 20, 1925 in Texas. Audie Murphy was an actor and a war hero. One of Abraham Lincoln’s principles was, “It is important that the people know you come among them without fear.” Audie Murphy showed he came out without fear, he actually came out really decorated looking nice that is why he was known to be one of the most decorated soldiers in world war 2. He joined the army in 1942, he made a fake birth certificate in order for him to join the army before he was eligible. Another principle was “Seize the initiative and never relinquish it.” Audie Murphy dad left the family and his mother died when he was only 15 years old. He left school to help support his family, he was the seventh of 12 children. At the age of 16 he tried to go to the Marines if not the Navy, but he was to young and short to go to the Marines or Navy. The Army accepted him, but he could not fly the jets as he wished. He started off as a private, after the course of the war he was promoted to Staff Sergeant, and he received a battlefield job to Lieutenant.

At one point in the war he took the initiative and jumped into a burning tank and used the machine gun on the enemies. He did not give up at the end he ended up killing 214 men and wounded many more. Murphy best friend got killed next to him by Germans who were acting suspicious saying they surrender, a few moments later they shot his best friend and Audie Murphy killed the Germans who shot his best friend. Audie Murphy destroyed a lot of machine gun nest along the way up the hill, he also made the area secure for the allies. For what Audie Murphy has done he receives the Distinguished Service Cross, which is the second highest United States Army medal for his courage and bravery. Another principle that is really important is “If you never try, you'll never succeed.” Audie Murphy wanted to give up when his mom died and his dad left, but he did not give up and he said you know what I’m going to try it out. Audie Murphy got into the Army and he wanted to be better and he took every chance he had. Audie Murphy volunteered for one dangerous assignment after another, he was really good at stalking and killing snipers. In September 15, 1944 Audie Murphy got injured for the first time, after being in the hospitals for a couple of days he was back on track. During the fall of France Audie Murphy earned two silver stars. The first star was for saving his commanding officer and the second one was for destroying a camouflaged machine gun and destroying a sniper outpost. Audie Murphy got shot by a sniper that was camouflaged in a tree he went to the hospital, the wound was pretty bad. Audie Murphy was out for two months until he could get back. “When you extinguish hope, you create desperation.” is a principle Audie Murphy followed. Audie Murphy went into the woods and planned a counter attack against the Germans. He believed that it would work and he worked hard so it could be successful. The counter attack was so strong it almost made the Germans leave the fight. The only reason this counter attack worked was because he had had hope and believed it would work and he went in with a positive mindset and it worked out how he wanted it. A really important principle that Audie Murphy followed was, “Wage only one war at a time.” Audie Murphy was never in a hurry he would do what he was told to do and he made sure that he did what he was suppose to and finish what he was told to do. Audie Murphy got hurt sometimes.

He wanted to be back in the front line as soon as possible, but he took his time recovering, so he could be ready for whatever was next. A principle that Audie Murphy followed was, “Spend time letting your followers learn that you are firm, resolute, and committed in the daily performance of your duty. Doing so will gain their respect and trust.” During World War 2 Audie Murphy was nervous in the inside, but in the outside he looked confident. When he got nervous he just let his mind takeover because his mind will lead him in the right direction. Audie Murphy would have not won all the medals he got, if he was not confident. Audie Murphy showed he was firm and committed because after he got shot with a sniper he had to recover for about two months, but after those two months he was back on the line. Audie Murphy could have easily just gone home, but he showed the people that he is strong and will not let that incident take him down. A really important principle Audie Murphy used was, “Use force only as a last resort.” This is a principle he followed he did not use violence unless he needed to. A great example was when the germans killed his friend right next to him, he had no choice but to kill them because if he did not kill them the two Germans would have killed him as well. Use violence or force as a last result applies in today’s world as well, the police use violence as the last result they only use it if the other person is going to harm them. Some people do not use for as a last resort, they will just go and hurt you. Another important principles Audie Murphy followed was “Explain yourself in writing and offer advice on how to solve problems.” Audie Murphy wrote a book called To Hell and Back. Audie Murphy explains in this story that when he was a child, he was told that men were branded by war.

He also says in this book that men who went to hell and back and would go again, maintain what our country thinks right and decent. This book really explains himself and gives you motivation and advice. “Do the very best you know how, the very best you can, and keep doing so until the end.” Audie Murphy always tried his best he would not think in failure, he would just keep on striving to do better everyday. Audie Murphy standed out and rose above the rest because he would risk his life because he was brave and courageous. He also standed out because he worked hard doing everything he was told to do or what he was going to do. This was the type of stuff that made this man earn all the medals he got a long the time he was alive, and what made people recognize him in and out of the battle field. Audie Murphy wasted his fortune on gambling and doing bad investments, and was also financially ruined. Audie Murphy was a talented man he made a film on the book he wrote he made 44 features films in all. This man had a lot of talent he also became a country music songwriter. Audie Murphy got married then he got divorced then he got married again and had two children. Audie Murphy had a really strong addiction to sleeping pills. Audie Murphy wasted his fortune on gambling and doing bad investments, and was also financially ruined. Audie Murphy sadly passed away, May 28, 1971. Audie Murphy died in a plane crash along with five others in a business trip. Audie Murphy was buried in Arlington County in Virginia. It is a United States Military cemetery that is called Arlington National Cemetery, he was buried with military honor.

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