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Unequal Pay

How would you feel if you were putting immense effort into your work while men could be doing the same or even less work and still be making more money than you? Recent studies done in 2018 have shown that a women makes 80 cents for every dollar a man makes (Knowles). This may not […]

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Nazi Germany in World War 2

Nuclear fusion and fission are two things that get people very flustered. They sound the same, yet they have almost directly inverse interpretations. Nuclear fusion happens when two smaller nuclei fuse into a bigger, which transmits colossal supplies of energy. On the other hand, nuclear fission happens when weighty, erratic nucleus fuse into two smaller, […]

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World War 2 during the Cold War

The Film “The Century of The Self” by Adam Curtis, opened with Sigmund fraud’s theory about the dangerous instinctual drives inside humans. His nephew, Edward Bernays eventually figured out how to use those drives to manipulate large quantities of people. Bernays was able to show companies that products can be marketed to someone’s unconscious desires […]

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Imminent World War 2

In Between the Acts Woolf depicts the lost past in the present: ‘The room was empty. Empty, empty, empty, silent, silent, silent. The room was a shell, singing of what was before time was; a vase stood in the heart of the house, alabaster, smooth , cold (like the dead), holding the still, distilled essence […]

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Civil Rights and Freedom Across the World

What role does Emotion play in our use of justice? Justice- Just behavior or treatment. Emotion- a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with other. (Based on the author she states that Emotion=Justice) In order to have Justice it needs to have Emotion because there can not be Justice […]

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World War 2 Propaganda Posters

Throughout my time spent creating in high school and college, my work has often focused upon aspects of myself or the outside world, specifically having to do with influential movements like Romanticism, Impressionism, Symbolism, and Naturalism or Realism in art history. I have previously delved into subjects such as my ancestry, in which I expressed […]

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Children Without Parent

In this day and age humans are very diverse creatures, Every bloodline in this world is mixed with at least one other race but we still characterize ourselves into categories such as caucasian, african american, native american, etc with the basing of those categories being how each human appears. Transracial adoption refers to a term […]

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U.S. Army during World War 2

Desmond Thomas Doss was a devout Seventh-day Adventist, so he believed that one should never kill another person under any circumstance. He also believed that Saturdays were sabbath. It is easy to imagine that Desmond’s beliefs were very contradictory to his duties when he joined the U.S. Army during World War 2. Although Desmond enrolled […]

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Until the End of World War 2

Deadly diseases have been an issue in developing countries for centuries. Although, their impact has historically decreased, disease affiliated death rates remain high in many places. One of the most affected regions is Haiti, where diseases, such as cholera, have been the leading causes for health related deaths. This matter has been an issue to […]

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Huge Morale Booster

The Manor Farm, which resides in England, is just your typical country residence. You’ve got the field for hay, the barn for animals to spend the night in, and of course the house for humans to live in. Why, none of this would be there if it weren’t for humans to make it possible. The […]

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The Midst of World War 2

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, my loving husband, was a legendary man who was also an amazing president. He had battles all throughout this life and he was taken too soon from me. And not just me, but Caroline and John-John, too. That day is not a day I ever want to live again. November 22, 1963, […]

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Adolf Hitler and Germany during World War 2

Award-winning poet, Edna St. Vincent Millay, is known for her wonderfully composed poems. She was a poet, as well as was a playwright, actress, and a women’s activist. Living in a time where numerous progressions were being made to society, Edna could utilize her verse to express her sentiments about specific subjects.Edna St. Vincent Millay […]

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The United States after 1945

Flavors Leave a Bad Taste In his essay “Why the Fries Taste Good” Eric Schlosser details the secretive and elaborate processes of food flavor production. He explains a lack of transparencies in flavor production is overwhelmingly negative for the consumer; Its drawbacks include it being biologically manipulative, factually misleading, and can be bad for your […]

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The Start of World War 2

  Why grant wood’s American gothic painting is parodied and Ben Shawn’s Rural rehabilitation client (1935) photo isn’t. Creator of the American Gothic, Grant DeVolson Wood was born in 1981 on a farm in Iowa. When he finished high school in 1910, He he went to the Minneapolis School of Design were for a short […]

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Americans during World War 2

Human rights embody ore values. Among them, there is the dignity of all human beings their equality of fundamental worth and their need to live in this community, with respect and empathy for others, but also with some measure of industrial liberty. Mostly west world countries don’t have any monopoly on these values, but people […]

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Pre-World War 2

The struggle between conservation and development Crystal Heng Si Ying School of Social Sciences, Nanyang Technological University On a bleak, drizzly morning, Singaporeans bade farewell to the iconic Rochor Centre, nestled in the heart of the city. Characterized by Housing and Development Board (HDB) flats of four distinct colours — yellow, blue, green and pink, […]

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Texas Civil War

  Both the nation and our states political decisions rely heavily on the influence from partisanship among its citizens. These parties (specifically Democrats and Republicans) are in a constant fight to get the upper hand on one and other seeking dominance in government. When one of the parties is dominant in state politics for an […]

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Martin Luther King Jr. (Biography Essay)

Martin Luther King Jr. was a major civil rights leader, minister, activist, and spokesperson. Martin Luther King Jr. wanted to make a huge impact on society, it created controversial activities, an assassination, and it effected the community.  Martin Luther King, Jr. was born in Atlanta on 15 January 1929. Both his father and grandfather were […]

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