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Essay Introduction

George Patton, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Douglas MacArthur all have one very important thing in common. They all were great officers in the military that had major impacts on the planet. Officers in the United States Armed Forces are the leaders and managers of the military. They are the backbone of the military and are great leaders. Because a career in the military is so rewarding, an interested candidate must gain the upper edge by receiving good grades, being physically fit, and showing good teamwork and leadership skills.

Officers are the leaders of the military. They organize and lead troops and command enlisted soldiers, ships, aircraft, and armored vehicles (OOH). There are many things that are appealing about a career in the military. Service members receive many benefits, including education and healthcare benefits. There are many different career choices, and people in the military get to move to different places a lot (Today’s Military). To get a career as a military officer, you have to be physically and mentally fit (OOH). If you aspire to become an officer in the military, work on good grades in high school, and remain physically fit.

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Tasks and duties can vary a lot depending on the career field of an officer. Officers might have jobs in reconnaissance, security, artillery, special operations, or tank crews (Rice). The main responsibility of an officer is to be a leader and work as a team, though. Officers are the ones in charge and are the ones making the calls. LTC Larry Johnson said in our interview that his career changed quite a few times depending on where he lived. He has had different careers leading up to now but is currently working in Cadet Command at Fort Knox, Kentucky (Johnson).

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An officer in the military needs certain skills to succeed. One of these skills is leadership. One of an officer’s main jobs is to lead other troops. They need top-notch leadership skills to be able to effectively and successfully command and organize other officers and enlisted personnel. Officers are also working with other people a lot. They should enjoy working with teams and doing projects with other people (AUP). They may also have to put up with soldiers who don’t care and have to go through some frustrations.

Thesis Statement for Army

There are a few different ways that you can receive a commission as an officer in the military. First and foremost, they all require that you have at least a bachelor’s degree. The three ways to commission are the service academies, ROTC, and OCS. Completion of any of these training programs will get you a commission as an officer. During training, you need to maintain good grades and pass the physical fitness tests (OOH). Some careers may need specific licenses, such as pilots and nurses, but others do not. A pilot needs a pilot’s license, and a nurse needs a license to practice medicine (Rice).

The United States Military Academy at West Point is a state school where upon graduation, students receive a commission as an officer in the army. This school is especially appealing because tuition is free, and it is a direct way to become an officer. The school’s population is 4491 cadets. As stated above, tuition is free at this school, and so is everything else, including room and board. The catch is that you are required to serve at least 4 years in the army. To be accepted to a wet point, you need a high SAT or ACT score. You also need four years of high school English, algebra, and geometry, two years of foreign language, two years of science, and one year of U.S history.

Cadets will earn a bachelor’s degree at the end of their training. The campus is in a suburban setting, and it is 16 080 acres big. There is on-campus housing for all cadets. There are also 80 different clubs to choose from, ranging from academic to religious clubs. There are 45 different majors to choose from at this school.

The community of West Point is pretty small, and there isn’t a lot there. The community of West Point is suburban, with a population of 6763. It is on the Hudson River and is about 50 miles north of New York City. There is a golf course, theater, bowling alley, and outdoor recreation center near the campus. It is the oldest operation army base in the world. The community is appealing because it is a nice area with a great school.

The Rochester Institute of Technology is a private school in Rochester, New York. This school is appealing because it has an ROTC program and is pretty close to home. The population of the school is 12429 students. Tuition, room and board, and all other fees ad up to $44130. It would be in-state tuition for me because it is in New York. The only pre-requisite for this college is the SAT or ACT. To be an officer, you would need to enroll in the school’s ROTC program. After 4 years, you will receive a bachelor’s degree and a commission into the military. The campus is 1300 acres large, and it is in a suburban setting. There is on-campus housing. Three-quarters of the population lives on campus. There are more than 300 student organizations at the school.

The city of Rochester has a population of 208886, and it is suburban. The community is near Lake Ontario. The Strong National Museum of Play is the number one attraction in Rochester, New York. There are also many hiking trails and fishing activities to do in the area. The community is honestly not that appealing; the school is the important part.

Bowling Green State University (ROTC Program): Unveiling Opportunities

Bowling Green State University is a state university with a population of 14860. Out-of-state tuition would be $19093. The only required pre-requisite is the SAT or ACT. An aspiring military officer would take part in the school’s ROTC program. After graduation, they would receive a commission in the military and a bachelor’s degree. The campus is 1338 acres large and is in a rural setting. It has a small college “feel” to it. There is on-campus housing for freshmen and sophomores. 300 clubs and activities are offered at this school. There are more than 200 majors offered at the school.

Bowling Green is a very rural community. The population is 31820. The area is surrounded by farms. There aren’t very many attractions, but some attractions are Snook’s Dream Cars and Carter’s Historic Farm. There are also a lot of restaurants in the area. I think the community is very appealing because of the rural setting. I like areas like that and don’t really like large cities.

To get and maintain a career in the military, you must be physically and mentally fit. LTC Larry Johnson says that while you have to maintain your health and be fit, you do not have to be extremely athletic. You just have to be able to pass the military’s standards. You also need to be able to handle stressful situations and stay mentally fit. The career field is actually relatively competitive. To receive promotions, you have to show more effort and be better than the other officers. As long as you care about your work, though, you should be fine.

Titles: Different Pathways to Becoming an Officer in the U.S. Military

There are many different career fields in the military. Combat officers have very different careers than an officer working for the media. Combat officers fight on the frontlines, aviation officers fly aircraft, technical officers operate machinery, and other officers do other things. Officers can also work in many different environments ranging from an office to the cockpit of an F-35. Officers also work and move to other states and countries very often.


The salary of an officer depends heavily on their rank and how long they have been serving in the military. Salary ranges from 3000 dollars a month for an O-1 and 15000 dollars a month for an O-10. The career forecast for a military officer is great. In times of war, it may be easier to get a job in the military. In times of a bad economy, candidates may face more competition. People in the military receive 30 days of vacation every year, which is pretty good. They also can be little league sports coaches or participate in other activities. Military personnel also move to new places all of the time. Moving to a new place every few years can either be a good or bad thing, depending on how you look at it.

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