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The Salem Witch Trial and its Role in History

I specifically remember sitting in my high school English class covering the topic of the Salem Witch Trials. I was fascinated by what we were learning and reading about this historical event. I remember thinking how crazy is what the girls who were close to my age and older were making such crazy accusations. Now […]

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Phenomenon of the Salem Witch Trials

Nowadays, America is the top country in the world. The U.S keeps developing day by day. When someone talks about America, people know it as a big country, has a good education system, and strong economic. But how many people know about Americar’s history? How many people know what America experienced to be so strong […]

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Salem Witch Trials Ergot Poisoning

In the year of 1692 there was a series of hearings and indictments for the people who were accused of practicing witchcraft in colonial Massachusetts. It all began with a group of teenage girls meeting in the home of Samuel Parris to listen to the voodoo-like tails and tricks from the familyr’s slave, Tituba. After […]

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What Caused the Salem Witch Trial Hysteria

Witchcraft originally began in Europe in the 14th century and came to an end in the 18th century. Similar events occurred in the spring of 1692 in Salem, a small group of women testified to be controlled by Satan and blamed the local residents of Salem of witchcraft which caused a wave of hysteria and […]

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Case of the Salem Witch Trials

The greatest and most detrimental outburst of witchcraft in all of American history took place in Salem, Massachusetts. Today, the United States Court systems abide to the idea that one is innocent until proven guilty. On the contrary, the exact opposite was said to be true in the Salem Witch Trials. There were more than […]

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A Theory about Witches Living in Salem

Youre a wizard, Harry! This famous quote from J. K. Rowlingr’s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, gives Harry Potter a new, positive look on life. The women accused of being witches also heard this and had a new look on life, but not in a positive way. Those words meant the end of their […]

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Affect of the Salem Witch Trials

The Salem Witch Trials still affects and haunts the American imagination today. When the event occurred in 1692, the colonial authorities has banned any publications that talked about or were related to it. Because they do not want people to spread any rumors that hurt the villages and make people alienated by it. After the […]

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Salem Witch Trials-Motivation in History

Salem Massachusetts, colonial United states, 1692. A young country still growing and unsteady. A place for the unwanted in England, a place of refuge. Among other outcasts there were the Puritans, a group of people that practiced puritanism. They lived their lives directly through the bible. Their ministers and priests held more power than the […]

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Tragic Deaths during Witch Trials

Although many accused were hanged some faced something worse. during the time of the witch trials, if someone was accused and didn’t confess or take the attention off of them they were hanged on gallows hill where everyone watched. Those who faced other ways of death weren’t so lucky as to have an almost sudden […]

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Infamous Salem Witch Trials

When looking back at American history, there are many historic events that have either helped shape or change Americar’s future. However, one of the most memorable years has to be the year of 1692, for this was one of the most scandalous times that is famously remembered in history. This is best known as the […]

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The Period of Salem Witchcraft Trials

Before the start of the American legal system, allegations were the precedent for right and wrong. In the late 1600r’s the Puritans of New England were figuring out how to civilly resolve disputes between villagers. The Puritans had a strong belief in the devil and witchcraft, creating an atmosphere of fear and suspicion. Justice was […]

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Salem Witch Trials: a Crucial Moment in History

Salem Witch Trials Thesis: The Salem Witch Trials are still relevant today as they serve as an example both of how mass hysteria arises at times of societal instability, and as a warning against the tendency of society to find a scapegoat for its fears and concerns. In the years leading up to the Salem […]

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History of Salem Witch Trials

Introduction The Salem Witch Trials were a group of trials and prosecutions in the United States. These trials resulted from the paranoia of townspeople in which two hundred people were accused of witchcraft and nineteen were hanged. The trials took place in colonial Massachusetts over a nearly seven-month period in the years of 1692 and […]

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Horror during the Salem Witch Trials

During the Salem Witch Trials the area of Salem was swarmed with Hysteria. People made false accusations of witchcraft, false confessions, and signs of witchcraft. 200 people were convicted of the devilr’s magic, and 20 people were executed with every single one of them being hung and another one being crushed to death. People of […]

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The Salem Witchcraft Crisis of 1692

Mary Beth Norton is a Historian and American History Professor at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. Norton has been instructing college students since 1971. Norton has graduated from the University of Michigan and she moved forward to earn a PhD with Harvard University. Norton is also the founder of the Womenr’s Studies Program at Cornell […]

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Tragic Event of Salem Witch Trials

A tragic event that occurred in America during the year 1692 was the Salem Witch Trials. This took place in the city of Salem, Massachusetts. A group of young girls claimed that they were being controlled by the devil. Over the next year they accused several women and a few men of being involved in […]

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Great Despair of the Salem Witch Trials

The Salem witch hunt of 1692 is one of the best known events in American history. It was a time where many feared for their life and became paranoid of everyone around them. People began to accuse each other without any authentic evidence and others agreed with the accusations as they did not want to […]

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Is Salem Witch Trials a Joke?

Many people would have thought the Salem witch trials was a joke I once believe that till I got into history class. The Salem witch trials didn’t just started there they had began in new England saying that people had been bewitched dozens had been accused of practicing witchcraft while 3 were actually executed due […]

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A Play about the Salem Witch Trials

The Salem Witch Trials was brought to life in the play, The Crucible by Arthur Miller, first taking light in broadway in 1953. The main focus on this play was to highlight the Salem Witch Trials to the best of his or anyoner’s ability considering the actual event happened over a hundred years before the […]

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The Belief in Supernatural

The Belief in how supernatural and in the devilr’s practice of giving certain humans witches the power to harm others arose in Europe in the 14th century. The Salem Witch trials began in 1692 when a group of girls in village of Salem, Massachusetts, where claimed to be possessed by the devil. The theories for […]

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The Infamous Series of Trials

The witch trials in Salem Witch Trials of 1692 to 1693, were the infamous series of trials that had taken place in the colonial state of Massachusetts. A number of 200 people were put on trial and about 20 people were executed from those trials. They were all accused of using witchcraft or the Devilr’s […]

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Lasting Effect of the Salem Witch Trials

The Salem witch trials was an iconic part of American history. It has been an ongoing topic of discussion for historians. The Salem trials have been the subject of numerous plays, novels and researches. The trials have peaked the interests of a varied array of people right from the moment they took place. Although they […]

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Witch-Hunts in America

Salem Witch trials The Puritans believed their religion made them responsible to cleanse their community of evil and witch craft; this responsibility was carried out by falsely accusing and executing individuals, whose rights were violated during this process. Salem was in political and religious turmoil. Two families, the Putnams and the Porters were trying to […]

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World Famous Witch Trails in Massachusetts

Salem Witch Trials Were the Salem witch trials really caused from Satanic callings and curses or was it health problems being exaggerated? Many scientist and historians today are starting to believe that the Salem Witch trials were not really witches at all just health issues or food poisoning. In May of 1692 until October 1692, […]

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A Hysteria in Salem Village

One of the most controversial, infamous, historical events to occur on American soil was the Salem Witch Trials that lasted from 1692-1693. Taking place in a Puritan settlement, also known as Salem Village, Massachusetts, the spark of the Trials ignited in January, 1692 and the hysteria of witches did not conclude until May, 1693. Through […]

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Practicing Witchcraft in Massachusetts

The Salem Witch Trials took place in Salem Massachusetts in the early 1690s. In these trials over 200 people were accused of practicing witchcraft. According to the Smithsonian, 20 out of those 200 were executed and two dogs were executed as well. Salem was by no means the first site of witch trials. Thousands of […]

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The Salem Witch Trials in U.S History

The Salem Witch Trials The Salem Witch Trials took place within 1692-1693, in Salem, Massachusetts. During the 17th century, witches were accused of having had sold their soul to Satan in exchange to perform magical deeds, this is where people believed witches got their abilities from. These years were some of the most catastrophic and […]

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Violance in Salem Village

February 1692 in a small township in Massachusetts events began that would change the life of 200 and end the life of 19. The witch trials of Salem were not the first, witch persecution has taken place for hundreds of years going back to the 1300r’s in Europe and continued until the last known execution […]

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The most Famous Series of Witch Trials

The Salem Witch trials were a series of immoral injustices among a small village known as Salem. In the trials, a few young girls convinced the entire population of the village that witches lived among them and, in turn, doomed dozens into a position of death or imprisonment with no evidence of their claims. They […]

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Horrific Events of Witch Trails

The town of Salem Massachusetts, was founded in 1626 by Roger and a group of migrants. The settlements first name was Naumkeag, but they name was too hard so they called it Salem. The word Salem comes from the hebrew word for peace. Salem a small and peace full town right on the great Atlantic […]

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Imagine getting charged for a crime with no solid evidence and having to face the punishments. A set of court trials, that became known as the The Salem Witch Trials, occurred in 1692. The name comes from the village where the trials happened: Salem Village, Massachusetts. Witchcraft accusations became common, and several people suffered to death. Many others were held in jail where some died, and some regained freedom later. Several thought the devil had an association to the possessed humans. Possessed humans acted out and threw fits because of their suspected bewitchment. Majority of the Massachusetts people feared the witches because of the negative associations. The local courts overflowed with abundances of suspected witch cases, to where a new governor had to change the justice system to accommodate all the accusations. Later on, families received payment for the torture placed on their family members. The Salem Witch Trials came about because of religion, politics, and family feuds.

Clearly, religion became a major factor of the Salem Witch Trials. People believed bewitchment to align with powers given by the devil that allow the powered humans to harm others, showing the devil their devotion (Onion). Witches gave off a bad connotation because of the association with the devil. Religious people feared the witches with devil powers because of the dangers they posed to the village in Salem. Claiming magical help from the devil in exchange for their soul, some witches worshiped the devil regularly (Wallenfeldt). Some could have easily become mistaken as a witch because of their religious beliefs. People also thought the devil granted certain people evil powers, that they then used to curse others. Religious associations to witches brought uncertainty into the village and created a panic among the people.

Equally, politics played a major role in the Salem Witch Trials. With all the poor changes that happened while people remained in jail, a forced election to get a new person over the village took place (Sutter). The political powers continued to drive the theories behind witchcraft. By the court forcing a new election, views started to change and victims in jail eventually regained freedom and compensation. One victim believed to have been a witch and accused of witchcraft, was accused just shortly after her husband became part of the village committee (Brooks). Rebecca Nurse, the accused witch, and her husband did not have the same beliefs as the village’s minister, therefore these accusations were supported by the people. The possibility of not having claims against Nurse could have occurred without her husband’s position on the committee. Politics drew attention to certain people for possibly having witch powers, but years later, new government powers took over.

At the same time, family feuds continued to contribute to the Salem Witch Trials. The Putnams and the Porters, two rival families in Salem Village, contributed to the drive of the witchcraft hysteria (“Salem Witch Trials”). Both large families had a desire for control over the village, but they both opposed each other. While the large Putnam family wished to separate from the village with their own land, the Porters focused more on entrepreneurship. According to an article on the witchhunt, one family used it “to get revenge against their neighboring rivals and enemies” (Brooks). The families never agreed since one of them petitioned to become separate. Creating the hysteria within the village divided the people, and created sides. Family differences continued to drive the witchcraft accusations in Salem.

A combination of religion, politics, and family feuds created the year long Salem Witch Trials. Many believed that witches had devil powers granted to them. Political powers changed in an effort to help the village get back to a better standing. Family issues continued to create a wedge between the people in the village. The Salem Witch Trials became a deadly year-long set of trials.