Essays on Julius Caesar

Essay About Julius Caesar

In “Ideas Live on” by Benazir Bhutto and “The Tragedy of Caesar” by William Shakespeare the authors of these two texts are relying on a message to many readers about power. The central ideas of power and responsibility are talked about in both of these texts. They have different ways to express these topics in their writings. Bhutto expressed her thoughts in her decision-making and the way she carried herself. Julius Caesar wrote out thoughts that consisted of many famous writings that are being taught in English today.

In “Ideas Live on” by Benazir Bhutto, she talks about power and how sometimes it is used wrongfully in the government. For example, she states “Power began to shift from the might of armies to the strength of the intellect. While military strength continued to be important, it was no longer critical in defining the greatness of a nation.” This quote explains that military dictatorship was more important than making a nation greater. Bhutto wanted a nation to be successful in education and wealth because it will help better a nation. She believed that the political system will be strong with a “strong judiciary system and the use of economic resources.” Therefore investing in military assistance will not help for the future generation.

In “The Tragedy of Caesar” by William Shakespeare Julius Caesar is the head of his empire, many believe that he is not capable of taking care of society.

Brutus the leader of the conspirators were all against Caesar with the support of Casca and Cassius and a couple of others. The conspirators stated that “Greatness is abused when it separates Pity from power.” They believe that the power that Caesar has been using too much emotion to lead his society. The supporters of Caesar believe that “Caesar was mighty, bold, royal, and loving.” Many believed Caesar used his power the right way because he never second-guessed himself and always follows his heart when it comes to making his decisions.

In conclusion, the responsibility of government and the central ideas of power are brought to readers’ attention in “Ideas Live on” by Benazir Bhutto and “The Tragedy of Caesar” by William Shakespeare. Bhutto wanted her society to be successful under the right rule with important morals and values carried out under a strong democratic government. Caesar wants to lead his society with what he believes is right while he has an antagonist after him because of the way he carries out his decisions. Government should always appropriately use their power and make it able to carry out a successful society. 

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