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Jack Alexander Mrs. Pursell History 4/4/18 Julius Caesar was Ancient Rome’s greatest conqueror. His changes to Rome as an empire helped it become the strongest ancient empire in the continent of Europe. Julius Caesar became one the greatest conquerors in ancient history through learning through his early life, ascending his way up to the top, and his bravery and leadership.

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Julius Caesar ended up one of the best victors by living through the thick and thin of his initial life. Gaius Julius Caesar was conceived in Rome in the year 100 BCE. He was in the patrician group of Gaius Julius Caesar and his significant other Aurelia. Exactly when Gaius Julius Caesar was conceived, the fundamental man in Rome was Gaius Marius. Julius Caesar experienced youth in a somewhat intense family. Exactly when Caesar was up, now an infant kid, Marius lost a ton of his earlier omnipresence and, over the long haul, left Rome to develop in Greece and Asia Minor. Marius was hitched to Julius Caesar’s father’s sister.

Marius kicked the bucket when Caesar was 16 years old. Exactly when Caesar accomplished the age of 18, he wedded Cornelia. Cornelia was the little girl a part of a mainstream gathering. This clues early Caesar’s requirements for control by using marriage to bring him higher up in the public arena. Caesar had a youngster named Julia. This was all incident after 85 BCE when Sulla was in power and masterminded Caesar to isolate from Cornelia. Caesar declined to isolate themself from his significant other, and Sulla restricted him, inferring that he was on the summary to be executed. Caesar expeditiously looked to add up to seclusion until the moment that later when his companions, who had power, would give him acquit and empower his marriage to exist.

Argumentative Essay Examples of Julius Caesar

Caesars needed to work on his approach to turning into the despot of Rome. Here is the means by which everything happened. At the point when Sulla passed on, Caesar could return to Rome, and a brief time after moving back to Rome, Caesar had destinations of turning into a legal counselor and being an intense part of Roman culture. After sending a couple of years making his name known, Caesar decided to the situation of military tribune in 72 BCE. This reveals Caesar’s noteworthy capacity to envision immensity for himself close to his capacity for self-performance.

Thesis Statement for Julius Caesar

In 68 BCE, Caesar was chosen questor and got a seat in the senate, close by now, marrying another spouse named Pompeia. Pompeia started from an imperative family by being the granddaughter of Sulla. While in the senate, Caesar maintained Pompey’s conveys for generalship to fight the Mediterranean Pirates and would later be pleasing to extend Pompey’s order to fight against King Mithridates. This is the place the cooperation between Pompey and Caesar would begin and later progress into the First Triumvirate. Caesar shocked everyone when he was pontifex maximus which was commonly a position held by some individuals of more significant age than just 37.

Following a year, Caesar was picked praetor and divorced Pompeia after getting too mindful of bamboozling her and another man. Ensuing finishing his term as praetor in 61 BCE, Caesar was sent to Spain as propraetor. Caesar would later return to Rome in 60 BCE after an awesome military campaign in Spain. As any proprietor before Caesar, after a powerful military campaign, you would request to have a triumph. Remembering the true objective to achieve this, the senate anticipated that would permit support until the point that then you would need to station your equipped power outside the city. By and by, Caesar was also expected to continue running for the consulship of 59 BCE, and to be named Caesar would be accessible in the senate.

Caesar asked in the matter of whether he could be allowed both since his showing up for his task for consulship would shield him from having a triumph because he couldn’t enter the city without surrendering his triumph. The senate might not want to give him any extraordinary cases from the standard Roman traditions, so they declined his recommendation for both, and Caesar infers that he would rather continue running for the consulship. Caesar felt stripped of regard without having a triumph and searched for the help of Pompey and Crassus to win the consulship. In 59 BCE, Caesar won the consulship and was picked and appointed, and this signified the beginning of ‘The First Triumvirate’ with him promising to help the interests of both Crassus and Pompey. Caesar moved toward becoming proconsul in 58 BCE.

Achievements and Triumphs

Caesar’s triumph in Gaul would be persuaded by shows of hostility for singular goals. Exactly when all was said and done, Caesar had vanquished a considerable amount of what is as of now focal Europe. Caesars rose his way to the best and wound up one of the best heroes. Caesar’s knowledge and bravery are one of the primary reasons he turned out to be such an awesome champion. Caesar had an axiom, ‘Veni, vidi, vici,’ which implies, I came, I saw, I conquered. This statement demonstrates that Caesar had extraordinary valiance and no kindness for different nations. Choosing a decent pioneer for a nation resembles dominoes.

Titles: Leadership and Bravery

The pioneer should be some individual that won’t commit the infrequent error that would, in dominoes, hit one of the others and make them all tumble down. In the event that the pioneer does their activity accurately, the nation will be solid. A decent pioneer must have the capacity to settle on his own choices on the grounds that on the off chance that he can’t, he will be viewed as a feeble pioneer. This depicts Julius Caesar since he settles on his own choices and he tends to his nation.

Caesar’s heroic reign had to come to an end. In the years leading up to it, Caesar lived a different lifestyle. Presently with the greater part of Caesar’s issues dealt with, he returned back to Rome and had four triumphs in 46 BCE. One for every one of his successes over the Gauls, Egyptians, Pharnaces, and Juba. Caesar now held the situation of a despot and chose to administer more in the way of a general than a legislator. Caesar even started to issue coins to his similarity with their plans while likewise enabling individuals to venerate his statues as though he was a divine being. The senate even proceeded to award him new benefits, for example, having the capacity to wear the purple and gold frock.

In February of 44 BCE. Caesar was setting up a battle against the Parthians, who had executed Crassus when he was cautioned of some individual peril. Caesar declined to tune in and didn’t ask for a body monitor. On March 15, 44 BCE, Caesar was to go to a last senate meeting before leaving for his crusade. Sixty plotters, led by Marcus Junius Brutus, Gaius Cassius Longinus, Decimus Brutus Albinus, and Gaius Trebonius, cut Caesar 23 times with blades they had hidden in their frocks. After Caesar’s passing, Rome would fall into a common war, which would be battled between Marc Antony and Octavius.


Julius Caesar became one the greatest conquerors in ancient history through learning through his early life, ascending his way up to the top, and his bravery and leadership. Julius Caesar was Ancient Rome’s greatest conqueror, and who knows what else he could have done if he had not been murdered. After everything is said and done, Julius Caesar will always be known as one of ancient history’s greatest conquerors.

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