North and South Korea after World War 2

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North and South Korea are two countries that were once unified. This, however, changed after World War 2. Korea was split into two countries that were completely different ideologically and politically. This pitted the formerly united countries against each other in what would turn out to be a bloody war. The war began due to what people thought was morally right in how governments should be run. This conflict is one of many regarding the problem of overthrowing a government based on what one group believes to be right. Governments, no matter how amoral they are, should not be overthrown since it hurts, rather than helps the people.

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“North and South Korea after World War 2”

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The first thing that needs to be understood is why overthrowing governments is so harmful to the state of a country. To understand that, the basis of a government must be explored. According to, a government is a political system that runs a country or state. The importance of a governing body is that it controls a country and keeps it at peace. While at peace, a government is able to provide for the citizens of the country by keeping the infrastructure up to date, making it possible for citizens to get an education, and provide services such as a health care system and a system to prevent crime. However, when this government is not at peace and is in a state of turmoil that can exist during an uprising or war, it can hurt the citizens. No matter how amoral a government is, if anything gets in the way of its obligations via an uprising or another method, many people can be hurt by the aftermath.

Amorality is a problem for the human race. Amorality has been a consistent problem in humans for centuries, starting with the first peoples and their lean towards how people should act. It consistently proved to be a problem in the following millennia with the many civilizations that followed. This problem was in their governments and many aspects of social life. It has gotten to the point where invasions and such are started based on the morality of a country’s leadership. It has often been used to try to overthrow amoral governments. One such example is in the Afghanistan War. This war began in 1978 when the US invaded in order to oust a government formed with communist ties. The US found communism wrong in their eyes and used this to support an invasion. This invasion led to the ousting of the communist government, but also led to the rule of the Taliban. The US then found the Taliban amoral, which led to another invasion. This started a war that has been going on to the present day. This war has led to over 120,000 casualties to civilians and soldiers and it still hasn’t ended. The US’s political and moral motivations have led to a country that is in turmoil, with no solution in sight. Another example of this root in morality is in the Syrian Civil War. The Syrian Civil War has looked to overthrow the current leader of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, who has committed many atrocities during the course of this war. Some of these include chemical attacks against his own citizens, executions, and sexual slavery. Hundreds of thousands of people have died and millions more have been displaced due to this conflict ( This war began because of an attempt to overthrow the government of Syria. The rebels, although they are trying to overthrow a government that

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