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Spanish-American War: Letters of a Volunteer

George Glenn King’s book, Letters of a Volunteer, captured my attention due to the connection and interest with my Puerto Rican history. I recognize and have visited many of the towns King describes in his book. My lineage consists of three major cultures. I am Taino Indian, Iberian, and African, the three cultures that make […]

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Reasons of Spanish American War

 During the year of 1898, on April 25th, the United States declared war on Spain after the Battleship Maine in Havana Harbor sunk, this took place on February 15, 1898. By the end of the 19th century America began to look further ahead and became interested in establishing an overseas empire. A few reason for […]

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An Effect of the Spanish-American War

The Spanish-American war, lasting from April 21, 1898 to August 13, 1898, had many effects on our world today.  Fought in Cuba, Puerto Rico, The Philippines, and Guam, between the United States and Spain, this war had many impacts on the two countries who participated, and the territories in which they took place. Decades before […]

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A Great Piece of History: Spanish-American War

Spanish-American War There are countless events that have contributed to the United States establishment of dominance in the world. The question that remains is which conflict/period was primarily responsible for bringing the United States to the forefront of international relations? While there are many periods in the history of the United States that may seem […]

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How Resulted the Spanish-American War

Spain gave away Cuba, Guam, and Puerto Rico to the United States after the Treaty of Paris and then later transferred sovereignty of the Philippines to the United States for $20 million after the Spanish- American War. America was far superior to Spain and the war didn’t last very long. Although we didn’t have many […]

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Naval Involvement in the Spanish-American War

In 1823, President James Monroe gave an address to Congress effectively establishing the United States presence in the Western Hemisphere and forbidding European colonization throughout the Western Hemisphere. Seventy-five years later, Spain occupied Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Spanish East Indies, an island chain including modern-day Philippines. As expected, they were met with firm resistance […]

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What Caused the Spanish American War

The Spanish American War         A war with Spain was needed in the eye’s of the American government. They had many motivations for interfering with Spain. To them a war with Spain was needed to expand the United States Territory. The main reason to interfere with Spain was to get land across the Pacific Ocean. […]

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Imperialism in the Spanish-American War

Since the United States have become their own country, it has gone through many changes in status. Before becoming a country, the United States was merely a series of territories belonging to multiple countries. When we began to advance in status, we learned that one key to success was a strategy called imperialism. Imperialism happens […]

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Causes of the Spanish American War

How can yellow journalism influence public opinion? To help understand yellow journalism and its origin, reference the following web site: What is yellow journalism? The Spanish American War was a 4 month conflict fought between Spain and the United States in 1898. The United States declared war on Spain on April 25, 1898. What […]

Pages: 3 Words: 788 Topics: Cuba, Military, Spanish American War, War
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