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Causes of the Armenian Genocide

On April 24, 1915, Ottoman authorities rounded up, arrested, and deported between 235 and 270 Armenian community leader and scholars from Constantinople, the majority of whom were eventually killed. The genocide was carried out throughout World War I in two phases the killing of the able-bodied men through massacre and forced labor, and then the […]

Pages: 7 Words: 1987 Topics: Armenian Genocide, Genocide, Ottoman Empire, Turkey

An Issue of Greek Genocide

 The Turkish nationalist movement was a revolutionary reform group that centralized its existence on eradicating the regime of the infamous Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid ll. The Turk’s movement premise was to inaugurate a government that was just and constitutional, and to dethrone Abdulhamid once and for all. The goal became more transparent as time progressed, and […]

Pages: 2 Words: 745 Topics: Genocide, Ottoman Empire, Turkey
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The Black Death: the Greatest Catastrophe Ever

As the Richter Scale measures earthquakes, the so-called ‘Foster Scale’ tries to quantify disasters. Conceived by Canadian geographer Harold D. Foster, it ranks calamities by tallying death tolls, physical damage, and emotional stress. According to Foster’s calculations, World War II (somewhat expectedly) tops the list of human disasters, but is closely followed by the Black […]

Pages: 6 Words: 1807 Topics: Black Death, Byzantine Empire, Christianity, Islam, Ottoman Empire, Turkey

Federalism Research Paper

Abstract Federalism is a political system through which two or more governments have shared authority over the same geographical area. Most democratic countries in the world are governed by a federal system, including Canada, the U.S., Australia, India and Argentina. Federal systems are often governed by a Congress, with a President or a Parliament with […]

Pages: 9 Words: 2605 Topics: Federalism, Government, Justice, Turkey, United States Constitution, United States

Cirque Du Soleil – the Turkey Affair

Contents Context Business Model Industry Analysis Key drivers: Per Capita Disposable Income: Increasing Alternative Entertainment Options: Government Spending/Spur: Time spent on Leisure activities: Evaluating Turkey as a destination for Cirque du Soleil Factors of production: Demand Considerations: Related and Supported Industries: Firm structure, Strategy and Rivalry: Governmental Factor Recommendation Implementation timeline Appendices References Context Towards […]

Pages: 8 Words: 2547 Topics: Economy, Turkey

Religious Cultural Muslims | Religion Dissertations

Religious conversion, cultural identity and national belonging: The world of Bulgarian Muslims (Pomaks). Introduction It is always interesting to immerse in the mysterious past and to discover how the sense of national identity is created and transformed over the years. Throughout olden times and until now, cultural margins have shrunk or expanded, established nations and […]

Pages: 14 Words: 4105 Topics: Identity, Islam, Ottoman Empire, Turkey

Doing Business in Emerging Global Markets

Doing Business in Emerging Global Markets Title: Upon leaving University, you join a business consultancy and are asked to investigate the risks of one of your clients expanding their business and investing in an Emerging Growing market outside of Europe or North America. Introduction: This report will be looking to analysis the risk of one […]

Pages: 3 Words: 840 Topics: Economic Growth, Turkey
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