Freedom of Speech in Film Industry

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Laws concerning to limit the audio-media programming is completely impractical. Even though it will help the nations to protect its culture and to oppose the outside filmmakers and their organizations to influence the nations cultures. High output movie industries are like invasive species that will affect local industries, but it is highly impossible that it will not have any effect on the set of rules and regulations in the present period of trendsetting inventions with the ongoing modernizations in the technology. China has a law in place that says that foreign films need to feature China and Chinese artists to be released in China which is a huge market. It seems practical why nations have put restrictions on the number of movies and motion pictures being distributed.

By doing is it will assist local film producers to gain market for their films and will give market to the nations Celebs. Additionally, it will help protect the original culture of the country and will narrow the impact of outside movies. In Cuba, there is a complete shutdown of outside media, but people have found a way to smuggle in hard drives into the country with the latest movies and TV shows. Some radio or televisions broadcastings can be taken into consideration like the content which they are displaying will be proper for that particular nation but for others that might be inconsiderate as everyone from that nation will be hearing or watching that content which considers teenagers and adults and while growing up they may make wrong choices by what the watch on the televisions or heard from the radio. The expansion of online media, in my opinion, will not affect local creators as it involves jumping through more hoops to get to the content. The law to limit the audio-visual programming as of now is critical.

As in the present time of technology and invention it is difficult to put in the efforts to control people from the country from using internet to watch the videos or shows which are being restricted, internet is of great use to the individuals to break these laws. Different kinds of softwares are being used to play around with the VPNs or Proxy Servers which gives choices to the citizens to remove the obstructions of what they can or cannot watch. Examples of VPNs being used is that a lot of time there is an illegal download of movies, songs or any type of digital media and that will make it exponentially harder to follow and track. Because of this the movies which are on restrictions or are banned by the government are also being viewed. Companies also have a list of boycotted IP addresses to which they have restricted their employees to go or search for. But due the emerging technology they can also be easily avoided with the use of VPNs, as it will cover the real IP with a virtual IP that is being used in the other part of the world. One Example of it is that you can mask your IP address to hide your location history when you are using social media applications where they track your accurate locations, by doing so the IP address will not show the current location but ii will allow to use a location where you are not present. The use of proxy servers is so widespread that there is no stopping for them, they are hard to trace and extremely hard to block.

However, a free exchange of ideas is important since competition brings about improvement. Laws and restrictions being applied will not intimidate people in todays upcoming tech savvy world to stop the use of the modern technology. As it is completely out of control to stop an individual from watching or hearing to the broadcasting being made it will be great if they are being taught of what is good and bad for playing a short video before movies to let them know what content is going to be displayed on the screen. An example how the movies have the ratings of PG-13 or R where you can distinguish of whether it is a family movie or an adult movie. Doing this will help the government to let their citizens distinguish between which content is appropriate for them and which is not.

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