Freedom of Speech in Campus

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According to the Margaret Wente in her article, the freedom of the speech in the universities is being faced with some challenges where it is almost dying. The way freedom of the speech is applied in the university it is becoming scary. Universities have been experiencing difficulties when it comes to the freedom of expression since it contains different cultures and different people with different thoughts, ideas and cultural background. The choice of the language or words for one to freely express ideas and thoughts is challenging. This paper will discuss the choice of the language at the universities and its fairness as it is used in the Margaret Wente's article. In the today universities, the choice of the language or the idea to be freely expressed should be done carefully, the ideas or language should be contained and neutralized so as it may avoid suppressing important opinions. This is because there is the issue of counterculture where different cultures view ideas differently. The freedom of the speech or the ideas and languages that are chosen in the universities should accommodate the other rights for it to be fair. They should include equality rights, diversity, and inclusion of all the people or students at the universities. For the freedom of the speech to thrive in the universities, it must be accompanied by respecting and acknowledging the diversity among the different cultures among the university communities. The language or idea chosen to be expressed should not damage the rights of the other cultures and communities as it should portray equal rights, diversity in beliefs and culture and should not be discriminative but inclusive. The freedom of the speech in the universities should be fair such that it should not violate the rights of the others in the society. The people should be free but they should make sure that what they speak should not offend the others. The speech should not interfere with the social justice. The speech should not interfere with the traditional values that are used in the truth-seeking. According to the Karl Marx who is the philosopher in advocating for the social justice, he argued that for social justice to be achieved the right words should be chosen. The words are said to be a dangerous weapon. For the freedom of the speech to be fair, it should conform to the concept of the words as a weapon. The language chosen should be right to ensure that one group is not disadvantaged by the freedom of the speech in our campuses. The freedom of speech should balance not to discriminate the different groups in the universities. Both minority and majority students should be served equally by the chosen ideas or thoughts being passed across. The language used in the freedom of the speech should not be abusive or offensive to other individuals in the universities. To conclude, for the freedom of the speech to be fair and prevail in our universities it should be fair and neutral. The choice of the words chosen should not offend each other students on the campuses. Freedom of the speech should respect the other rights of the students, like the equality rights and should also recognize the diversity of the individuals and be inclusive in all its aspects. This will enhance peaceful environment in our campuses where students express themselves freely without offending each other.
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