The Policy of the First Amendment

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The first amendment conducts to citizens, while many believe that it guarantees them a limit of freedom. We get stuck in an unlawful situations, which forces us to know what our rights are. This is a hotly debated topic that often divides opinions. The first amendment is often discussed yet rarely understood. These rights includes everyone, but some just take advantage over it. It goes without saying this law is one of the most important issues facing us today. The policy of the first amendment is defined as freedom of religion, expression, assembly, and right to petition, however, those who understand the exact nature and consequences of the law have an altogether different perspective. Mark Twain is one individual who agrees and, in this article, censorship is telling a man he can’t have steak just because a baby can’t chew it contends that this policy is for freedom rights to an extent. He refers the man as citizens meaning if we can’t have freedom the rights don’t apply as well. Mark expresses a political correctness in freedom of speech, believing that if anyone can’t speak up, what’s the point of having our rights. This policy protects us from what we say or do which gives us the ability to express ourselves freely. In terms of freedom, there is rights, we live by freedom if we know to go by the rules. When it comes to AJ Willingham, his work in the CNN political article, most of us agree that the law is content. Where this agrees usually ends, however, is on the issue of companies banning and firing citizens because of their expressions. Whereas some are convinced that the policy is good, and it works for them, others maintain that even if the law is right, some people and places mistreat civilians forgetting about their rights. Google reportedly fired a male engineer who, argued woman are not biologically fit for tech roles this is not government issued because it was not involved but the act the man did had no rights against for him. The man had no respect for his rights, therefore caused him his job. When including a law every person must ensure the respect for it, a person can disrespect the policy and others without knowing, its suppose to be there to protect you and the government. Many can dictate the first amendment, but this just means you can’t do anything in some sort that discriminates the point of view for the amendment. All things consider that the first amendment ensues to every civilians, but at times it does grant limits to freedom. The freedom of speech and expression is one that affects the society today, it has been issued for quite awhile now. Taking everything into consideration, knowing the law is important as knowing when you are over powering the law by dictating it. Weighing up on both sides whether if the freedom applies, ofcourse it applies, but the policy contains it with a certain extent. The advantages of the rights for freedom, outweighs the disadvantage of the dictating and letting people get the impression that we are vulnerable. Personally speaking, know that we have rights that protects us, it allows us to sleep in peace knowing we can be safe.

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“The Policy of the First Amendment”

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